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  1. Constantsrnd = 0EndProcedure RANDOM using LO, HICompute rnd = INT(($HI - $LO + 1) * rnd(1) + $LO)EndCall RANDOM 10,200 //could be any minimum and maximum number range you wish. loop $rnd // do stuff end
  2. does this person know how to use google? A simple search "how to send keypress in c#" comes up with all kinds of results.
  3. You repeat a lot of code in those if statements. Don't duplicate code, it will save lines. Here are two ways. Though I could probably come up with even more. I'd personally use Lists as the solution. Clean, Simple, Straight Forward. Using lists, this code will not work as is it's more sudo code as list[index+1] is not valid syntax sadly. This is just to give you an idea (don't forget to account for max list size, {loopNo} + 1 can give you an index out of bounds error) constructs layouts = List accounts = List avatars = List leftLocations = List topLocations = List end procedure setValues listAdd layouts, 110 // ... add others listAdd accounts, 140 // ... add others listAdd avatars, 1xxxxx // ... add others listAdd leftLocations, 0 // ... add others listAdd topLocations, 0 end // list way procedure numbers loop $number if $number > 1 set layout[{loopNo}] = layout[{loopNo} + 1] set accounts[{loopNo}] = accounts[{loopNo} + 1] set avatars[{loopNo}] = avatars[{loopNo} + 1] set leftLocations[{loopNo}] = leftLocations[{loopNo} + 1] set topLocations[{loopNo}] = topLocations[{loopNo} + 1] end call layout call accountname end end Simpler if statement way .. this is untested, I am not sure if it will work 100% but again just to give you an idea. procedure numbers loop $number If $number >= 1 set layout = $layout1 set AccountName = $AccountName1 set avatarname = $avatar1name set left = $left1 set top = $top1 end If $number >= 2 set layout = $layout2 set AccountName1 = $AccountName2 set avatar1name = $avatar2name set left1 = $left2 set top1 = $top2 End If $number >= 3 set layout = $layout3 set AccountName2 = $AccountName3 set avatar2name = $avatar3name set left2 = $left3 set top2 = $top3 End If $number >= 4 set layout = $layout4 set AccountName3 = $AccountName4 set avatar3name = $avatar4name set left3 = $left4 set top3 = $top4 End If $number >= 5 set layout = $layout5 set AccountName4 = $AccountName5 set avatar4name = $avatar5name set left4 = $left5 set top4 = $top5 End If $number >= 6 set layout = $layout6 set AccountName5 = $AccountName6 set avatar5name = $avatar6name set left5 = $left6 set top5 = $top6 End call layout call accountname end end
  4. scanning a whole window would be very time consuming and quite slow, especially if you're on windows 10.
  5. If you are using windows 10, it will be very slow with color detection.
  6. The  is happening because of an encoding issue. &nbsp is UTF-8, but for some reason it is displaying it as ISO-8859-1 which shows the non breaking space (&nbsp) as Â. Not really sure how that happened, I assume you exported the DB as utf-8 and I imported it as UTF-8. Who knows.
  7. I was checking about twice a week. Then it dawned on me, I've been paying for a host for years and havent done much with it, time to use it! Glad to help.
  8. The actool download link is not work, getting a 403 forbidden.Â
  9. I had no idea you could change themes, This Deviant them is much more gentle on the eyes. The header is quite large, but meh.
  10. There is a solution that someone using autoit created for the GetPixel problem. It is not as fast as GetPixel without AERO but it is multiple times faster than the default GetPixel and Aero.  https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/126430-advanced-pixel-search-library/ I am sure something like this could be implemented into AcTool with the work WABBIT is doing. Â
  11. Update color detection logic to work well with windows 10, currently it is quite slow. I will run some diagnostic tests when I get home. Comparing windows 10 vs windows 7 with aero turned off.
  12. Any chance your codebase could be put on github or bitbucket. We can turn this more into a community project. Also are there detailed instructions somewhere on building actool, I tried a few years ago and I had no luck because it required some paid modules.
  13. So, in windows 7 aero had to be turned off or color detection/object detection would be VERY slow. Now I am on windows 10 and unable to disable aero, and have turned off as much as I can for desktop performance but it still has slow color detection. I have tried on several pcs. Has anyone been able to find a solution, or would WABBIT need to update the color detection code in the next release?
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