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  1. Nice a reasonable system to run a few clients on.
  2. New forums...., yes been awhile since i showed up around here.
  3. Did you ever get a new video card?Â
  4. weeeee I thought it was gone forever till I got the inactivity email.Â
  5. Yeah the ram market went e'ffn crazy there and it is still really high.Â
  6. True I had quit a long time ago too for the most part. However now that someone has a private server going I was thinking just for the hell of it see if I can get 20+ bots going on it. I had high hopes that they would have an official release of the server software. But oh well. I was thinking that some of the old systems i have could handle upto four clients running. I might be able to get 14 systems running... maybe I could get 30 accounts running. I have a tool called Multiplicity that I can remote to 16 systems at the same time with it. It works well enough.Â
  7. I was thinking of giving the AC private server a shot. If it works maybe built a bot army of around 20 accounts. I have some laptops that can run AC and some that can run up to 4 accounts maybe. Something I have always wanted to do but never got around to doing.Â
  8. There isn't anything out there worth playing. I was looking at giving Darrowshire (wow private server) a spin but then find out a dev got into a pissing match with someone and whacked the servers. Everything these days seems like they are all bling and absolutely no substance or they are microtransaction pay to win crapfests.Â
  9. Currently I have 10 accounts. I'm putting together a bunch of old laptops to have each run one AC account. It seems like there is a little lag when running them all on one system. And I'm going to probably get maybe another 10 accounts and have 20 possibly more. I'm just using VTank and MagTools for now. I'm also using Multiplicity to control all the systems. I was wondering if anyone else is running multiple accounts these days.
  10. mmmm I have ten accounts now. but of late not sure what to work on.
  11. meh I suppose though I have been running around with a nice little troop of bots =) ten now.
  12. I have got 7 accounts rolling now. I'm just using Vtank and it seems to be OK. I have to sit down and figure out how the meta macros work but everything seems to be OK. I just need to purchase another three accounts. Â So does anyone else play on HG?
  13. =) just a week or so before I activate a few accounts. Do you know anything about this summoner class?
  14. LOL no, just going to macro and multibox. I'm interested in seeing just how many accounts I can get running on my main system and see if I can multibox with more than one system with the multiplicity software.
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