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  1. won't that be an option in your Maple Story Settings? Ok it closes, Create a Script that well Automatically relaunch the game and pick up where it left off... It's not an option in the settings, it's a precaution that Nexon implemented for this exact reason, to prevent people from using brute force crackers to find passwords or pins. As for the idea to auto launch after each guess... I've thought of that, but it takes maplestory about 2 to three minutes to open. It would take the program 13.9 to 20.9 days to crack the pin, with 10,000 possibilities.
  2. When you're trying to type in a PIN in maplestory you only get 5 tries before the game automatically closes. How can I disable this?
  3. There's a fishbot for WoW that detects a certain color of white in an area on the screen. If that works I dont see why we couldn't get something to work for KO. I'll play around with that script and see if I can tweak it a bit.
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