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  1. I used neighborhood wifi connection for about a year, if you'll be in the city. Some people are willing to split the bill even, just stream a LAN cable through the window . That equation is definitely correct, I have yet to understand the emphasis on traditionally educated individuals, especially without any real proof of skill/knowledge/and above all basic intelligence. You'd think companies would figure it out after so many failures take the place of far more qualified *and* already trained staff...but I suppose that's how most bigger corporations operate. Yeah, the ice one pushed me over the top, this is the guy I'm supposed to present any questions I have and it was a good thing I already knew better. I did call him out on it -- he argued his point, despite the fact I pointed out salt/ice water freezes at varying temperatures and pressure (Pressure-Temperature charts being critical concepts to even a basic understanding in HVAC), the specific heat of a substance...he was absolutely sure of himself as proven by his portfolio of achievements as a 'learned man'. Some people you just can't teach, they've been brainwashed by those before them. I look back now and can laugh at it, and try to push on with my own pursuits of knowledge and hope that they will prove fruitful.
  2. I am sorry for your loss. There's no way to go back, just know that those we loved would want us to be happy and remember the good memories when they were here. There's always someone who cares, even just a little -- that's what keeps us going.
  3. Indeed, it has been a long time. I've been caught up with taking care of the kids (of which there are 3 boys, two eldest are going to be 7 and 4 at the end of March, and my newest is 3 months old). I sort of lost my motivation to play games much, even with my brother. We still play every once in a while, but no where near as much as we used to. I think what really got me was losing the bookmark after a new system and the habit of checking the forums as well. On the flip side, I found a personal message when I was checking my email, the one I rarely ever look at and popped in. I saw the new moderator status, which is nice, but I'm not on quite enough to police things as a mod should be. I am hoping to get things rolling on developing an app in objective-C for iOS, so I can quit grinding every day as a maintenance technician doing all of the work that the other folks close to retirement don't want/or can't do...not that it's all that bad, I just don't get paid enough or get the recognition that I've deserved for the going on the 10 years I've been with the company. I also was going to school for about 8 weeks, but decided it wasn't worth it because I'd come out making less than what I do now and the school didn't have as good of a reputation that I thought...for one example, the 'instructor' believed firmly that ice could only get to 32 degrees and it stopped getting colder -- which is my favorite example of the lack of knowledge base I had to work with, and this was in a school that speciallized in Heating and Cooling! Anyways, long story short and keeping the bickering to a minimum, I am going to try to pop in from time to time and help where I can.
  4. If you look at the code: Â DSFilter DSInventory, Name='$RetVal' DSCount DSInventory, $DSInventoryCount The procedure is filtering DSInventory by the key field 'Name', where you want to change it to work with GUID's. You'll need to modify the procedure to filter by GUID instead of name.
  5. Â Are you using Keydown or Keys to do the alt+tab? Keys should be the fastest, but then again you might give Keydown a try with 1 ms downtime, never tried to see which was faster.
  6. Ahk

    LoadRGB help

    Go to the Help Menu->AcTool Help->ACTool Commands. Â You will find code samples and details on what they do. There are a couple of commands not listed in there, but it is the most complete and helpful information you're going to find anywhere.
  7. You also don't have it loop, so it will only process the Attack procedure once...and since there is no delay after the SetActiveWindow command, your Attack procedure keys are probably being sent before the game is ready to receive any keystrokes. Â The commands are commented in the code you posted. Any commented code is not processed by ACTool..unless you just commented it before posting..
  8. Create an object from the disconnection message and test for it when you need to. If it is a traditional window you may be able to detect it using IsWindow, or using If {ActiveWindow} GameTitleHere.
  9. 90 Degree? If this moves your camera you're going to have to figure out how many PIXELS to move, and then that might not even work. You'd have better luck using keyboard buttons to position the camera using keydown I would think...since DragTo and MouseMove may not function as expected.
  10. //Globalkeys example by Ahk  //Output what key is pressed to the test log (Ordinal value) //Clear the {GlobalKeys} variable  ClearGlobalKeys  //Loop forever While 1 = 1 //Always keep some delay on uncontrolled infinite loops Delay 500  //Log to the Test Log tab what keys have been pressed since the last pass TimeStamp GK {GlobalKeys}  //Clear so each timestamp is readable ClearGlobalKeys End  Using If with {globalkeys} will work. You have to issue the ClearGlobalKeys command though to be sure it doesn't infinitely process a key you hit before if you expect it to work as a multiple use hotkey.
  11. AcTool can't detect those in the current version. You can monitor the keyboard though through {GlobalKeys} and related commands.
  12. I would make a list of the alphabet, then generate a random number including and between 1 and 26, then reference the list by index. Â SetConst RandLetter = lstAlphabet[$RandNum]
  13. It's possible these have been retired from decal since ac tool was last updated, or there was just an update and the memlocs haven't all been filled in yet...you'll usually have to wait a couple of days after patch for everything to work.
  14. Many games allow you to log the chat log information, which often includes damage...you might see about saving the log, copying it to another file (because of file permissions)...if you can and read in that to a text file. There should be times and such you could figure out what was going on pretty close.
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