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  1. its been a while sence I last droped in, looking alittle lifeless here. has everyone moved onto greener pastures?
  2. Been doing some more reading and have finally been able to get my script to detect low MP and rest. Next task is to detect full mp, stand, and resume spell casting. I've talken my base code from SMN_Working.mac, sorry I dont have the origanl writers name, and modified it a bit to get this "detect low, heal, detect full, stand" code. constants ///// ===== Heal ================== healon = 1 healoff = 1 ///// Do Not Change info in this area------------ CurHP = CurMP = MaxHP = MaxMP = sMaxHP= sMaxMP = start = ///// ------------------------------------------------- end while 1=1 set $start = 1 if $start = 1 call bluskill1 delay 1 sec call bluskill2 delay 1 sec call bluskill3 delay 1 sec Set MaxMP = $info_mp_max Set CurMP = $info_mp_current Compute sMaxMP = Int($MaxMP * .25) If $CurMP > $sMaxMP set $start = 1 else If $CurMP < $sMaxMP set $start = 0 if $start = 0 call mpreston while 1=1 If $CurMP = $MaxMP delay 100 call mprestoff delay 2 sec break set $start = 1 end delay 100 end end end end end end procedure mpreston if $healon = 1 keydown {space} delay 100 keys /heal on delay 200 keydown {Return} delay 500 end end procedure mprestoff if $healoff = 1 keydown {space} delay 100 keys /heal off delay 200 keydown {Return} delay 500 end end I know its a little rough around the edges, but can anyone spot why/where it wont detect full mp, stand, and cast? I've attached my full file, incase anyone wants to take a look. BlueSkillup.mac
  3. Hi all Attempting to build my own non-battle magic skill-up script, but I have come to a bump in the road. I cant seem to get the script to detect and act on low MP. I have downloaded most skill-up related macros to learn/build from, but each seems to have its own method of detecting MP and each is in their own state of working/non-working. can anyone suggest/point me in the right direction?? I'm currently able to cast a series of spells and loop that till I run out of MP. Once I'm out of MP I'm dead in the water. I'd like to be able to run through my series of spells till I hit a low level of MP, automatically rest till full, stand back up and start casting again. Thanks for the help. --Brandxman
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