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  1. I am trying to come up with some way to either write a log report or otherwise get "information" from the script about specific tracked constants during the run time of the script I use. Basically the script repeats playing my macro for hours with two possible outcomes per "loop", either Success or Fail. So I would have Constants for Success = 0 and Fail = 0 and each time the condition of either occurs, to up the count by one. Simply would like a way to keep and be able to view this information after a few hours of it running. What would the best means to do this. Simple is better honestly. Thanks, Azile
  2. I have this line: If $Tell_Text Contains $password and $RemoteLogout = Y in my autobot program and every now and then I get this error: Error: could not find list, item, dataset or form ITEMNAME Line: 553 Any ideas? Thanks, Azile
  3. Ummm, So is it broken or not? Wondering if we are waiting on a new version, or can I go ahead and begin using the current versions knowing that there does not seem to be any "patch" related issues? A nice section to add would be an ACTool Patch Issues section, where even a simple: Feb 2004 Patch: No known issues for version X.X could be displayed. Helps if we know the problems we face shortly after patch day are related to our own setups or patch day problems with decal or AcTool. Azile
  4. I am wondering if there is a better way to "open" an item on the desktop taskbar. Right now, the best way it would seem is to get the MousePos, move the mouse there and use rightclick command. This presents a few problems. First, using MousePos I find to be a bad way to do anything if a command can do it instead. And the main problem, if another task item appears (windows update, outlook express email recieved), the position often changes. And it also makes porting the scripts to other computers more difficult as the MousePos will often change based on desktop setting and what items appear in the task bar etc. Is there a way to directly call for a taskbar item to "open" and then furthermore, a way to cause an item in that taskbar to be selected and executed? If not, Cam is this something that could be included in an upcoming release? Azile
  5. Yes FFXI forums are need badly. Also Cam, are you willing to sell any advertising in any of the forums? Our site, www.virdaq.com would be heavily interested in a banner in any FFXI related sections...just a thought. About the downloads section, part of the beauty of the macros being in the main posts with attached downloads and all the comments and questions etc with them. Will it be the same way with this new section? Azile
  6. Yes the problem is with decal. Decal WorldFilter is not clearing out its objects as expected and as you have stated. All our tests indicate this is our problem, over 500+ objects in it when it really should be at 100-200 pre-patch. Thanks, Azile
  7. Ok, we are certain the problem we get is not _playersnear, we have heavily commented the code. It can be one of the following things: A problem with DSEmpty DSWorld whereas the DSWorld is not actually emptied. Just posting this in case that makes sense, otherwise we are now running more checks to be certain. Basically if this is true, our DSWorld will be filling up to a massive size over time, thereby the longer the macro runs, the slower it gets at those check points (like if you check every single object in DSWorld for a match, thinking it should have 9 items, but has actually 9000 items in it). Azile
  8. Is _playersnear still broken and if so...to what effect is it broken? It seems to "work" in my scripts, however we are having a wierd bug crop up every 3 to 10 hours where a massive delay occurs, almost like something in either decal or ACtool has a memory leak occur. Requires reboot of client, tool and decal to fix. Wondering if this is related to _playersnear being broken. Azile
  9. Scroll Puller does not work, atleast the version I use. Perhaps a problem with UseItem ?
  10. Just checking if the new pre-release of http://decal.acdev.org/ Decal will require changes to ACTool build we currently have. I assume it will. Also wanted to make sure everyone knew the new version of decal (pre-release) was out... Azile
  11. Cam, If you need to host DLed at alternate source to help spread the bandwidth, my site www.virdaq.com can help you out for free. Email me at virtualgns@hotmail.com if you want to work out the details, but whatever is needed, hosting files etc, I can help. Azile
  12. Hey, Need to come up with a macro that will detect when the client CTDs and then use the play window to relaunch the client, log a specific character in send at text command to start AcTrade up again. Our TradeBots, among many other players, get logged by some strange CTD bug close to 10 times a day. Since this problem is plagueing only about 10% of the AC TradeBot community, I doubt the decal devs or AC devs will fix this one anytime soon. Ideas? Possibilities? Thanks, Azile
  13. Elaborate more...I am certainly curious. How do you want to execute it? Do you want it to autoexecute so that it is always "scanning" and "waiting" for an event to occur and then activates? Or did you want to hit a key to cause the event? A long time ago we had written an ACTool pk-aid program for us and we used it on DT and it most simplified application was it constantly was checking our health and stamina and if we had over X stamina and our health dropped to below Y, we did stamina to mana 1 and it would be sending that every 500 ms till it got successful cast. Therefore in PVP, when you eat a war, bang, you made a smart move in converting VS it and to "Re-arm" it you merely had to slip a revitialize VII in and voila, your trigger was re-armed for another "war hit". Regardless, give us more details as to what you are after.
  14. Azile


    Thanks, got it - using COMPUTE INT
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