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  1. LoL -- the specs for LoTRO are miniscule! My video card is an off the shelf $150 card that I got when my previous pair gave up the ghost a couple of years ago and it handles it just fine... (NVidea GeForce FT730)  Looking at the requirements, I'm not sure that they've actually gone up noticeably since the game came out in 2007!   Â
  2. Uh huh, but it's infinitely better than the alternative!
  3. Ironically, I just downloaded and (re) installed LOTRO over the weekend. Amazingly, they even recovered my characters for me, the most recent log-on of which occurred in 2009! Â I still haven't actually signed-in, but I guess, in a manner of speaking, I'm still involved with a Turbine-produced game! Â My whole diet is something of a disaster right now, between managing my diabetes (still not on insulin at least!) and for quite a while last fall, trying to get my weight up, etc ( and now, trying to get it back down again ) it's been quite a roller-coaster. I ended up losing about 40% of my large intestine as well as almost half of my rectum, the combination of which also necessitates some lifestyle changes, but still, it's all way better than having cancer! Â -Triane Â
  4. LoL -- yes, so it would appear! Though last year was a lot of upheaval for me -- I was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer and underwent major surgery last June and then months of recovery that followed. I kinda fell off the planet from around April until after January dealing with all of that. On the up side, it was found/caught early, removed by surgery with no indications at the present time that any further procedures or treatments will be required! *whew*! In any event, I'm still kicking around these parts, and always enjoy dropping in and saying hi -- I guess the fact that I'm not very invested in gaming anymore, and certainly not with anything as complex / involved as ACtools, has somewhat diminished my ability to contribute meaningfully as I once had, so I'm less motivated to pop in as regularly as I did 15 or so years ago..  Â
  5. LoL -- I just found this today and (obviously) even managed to get logged in! I didn't realise how much turmoil / change had happened over the past few years!  In any case, I'm glad to see that the site has managed to soldier on, (despite such significant changes!) and that some of the same old faces are still here too! Obviously I haven't been by in (longer than I thought!) but it's always a fun time to drop in and say "hi" from time to time!  Hope everyone's doing well!  -Triane  Â
  6. LoL -- back again for another pass! I was inspired to check in today as, while converting a 5TB drive array last night from RAID6 to RAID10, I happened to stumble across a folder of the last working directory of ACTool that I had been using... It looks like some of the code in there is actually "newer" than the posts I made at the top of this thread (lthough they're mostly all dated from ~12 years ago!) In any case, I bundled it all up "as is" and thought I'd toss it up here along with the others, in case it added anything for anyone looking at these files  Hope everyone's continuing to do well!  -Triane
  7. Heyas  I'm back, purely co-incidently, and see that there's been a fair amount of activity since my last visit!  In any case, to respond to your suggestion Wabbit, I simply have neither the time nor inclination to dive back into the world of ACTools development right now. If I had an Asheron's Call account and could play it, that might be different (I'm sure it would spur me into rebuilding at least *some* of the functionality of those tools), but as it is I'm working 60+ hours a week right now and just don't have the energy to relearn it all (which, at this point, I would almost certainly have to do).  I am glad to hear that ACTools development continues, and I always enjoy seeing old faces from the past whenever I pass through here... Every time I enter the domain name into my browser I cringe slightly in anticipation of the dreaded 404... Nevertheless, I hope life is treating everyone as well as possible, and extend my greetings to every/any one who also traipses through these parts from time to time  -Triane
  8. Heya Vengor! Â I don't have any idea if they'll still work at all ... does Decal still exist/work? ACT-Companion? Both were obviously used extensively back then, and certainly by each of those macros. IF those things are still functional AND the ACTools syntax hasn't changed too drastically, they shouldn't be too hard to get going again, certainly if either Decal or ACT-Companion don't work, these wouldn't be worth repairing (would be easier to rewrite I imagine) ... I briefly considered re-activating an account just to play around with it again, but it doesn't appear to be possible to recover my original one, so my lack-of-enthusiasm for starting over from scratch ended up overwhelming my curiosity... Â Was I right in reading that they're going to make the server code available to the public and permit customer-run servers? because THAT would be really cool! (a la Minecraft?) Â -Triane
  9. Wow, that's pretty awful dude! I'm sorry to hear that you've had to go through that! I hope that as time goes on, you'll be able to start having some fun come back into your life! Time definitely seems to pass faster as we age, I've definitely noticed it, and life is already far to short for all of us, I hope you get to have some light back in yours sooner rather than later my friend! Â -Triane
  10. Np! -- I thought it was pretty cool finding them yesterday morning, having previously believed that they were lost forever. I don't know if they have any value, though they used to be (a decade ago!) pretty good exemplars of some ACTools techniques, I imagine ten years of development would render a lot of substantially dated now. I was shocked/surprised to see that Asheron's Call is even still running! (tho I gather not for much longer)... If not for all the missing dependencies, I would have been curious to see if any of these still worked, but I'm just happy to have them again: sentimentally speaking, they're almost like old high-school-awards to me  -Triane
  11. Heh -- prompted by an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, I spent several hours tonight re-reading through (REALLY!) old threads and somewhat re-living some of the heyday from a decade ago. I was saddened though, to see the loss of all of the old materials, and I even posted at one point asking if anyone might have any of it stashed away somewhere.  Well, it turns out, someone did! -- ME! LoL  With the aid of wonders like actually taking the time to perform a deep network search, I found a backup of an archived webserver in a folder on a backed-up hard-disk-image, inside a VHD catalog in an archive folder on my file server, and what do you know, but I managed to recover three-to-four of my most-favoured macros from yes, 10(ish) years ago! As well as some other odds and ends.  So, since there still seems to be some activity happening in this field, and with an eye to restoring some history (as well as giving me another repository for this stuff), I thought I would upload what pieces I was able to find. I really don't know how much, if any, of this will be of any use to anyone, so perhaps this is a waste, but nevertheless, if for no-other-reason than sheer nostalgia, here is "FluffNBuff3 v1.2.712" (from December 5, 2003), "SpikeGolem1.12.25" (from May 7, 2003), and "BowHunter2.2.10/2.2.11/2.2.12" (from ~May, 2004).  Since they all depended on ACTools v4.5(ish) and the state of the ACTools/Decal/Asheron's Call(1) development world a decade ago, I have no expectation whatsoever that they will work, and don't even know if they're rationally, grammatically or syntactically compatible with today's ACTool, but now, at least, today's users have an opportunity to see how we rolled when this stuff was all shiny and new! (oh, and yes, I know that there are several missing dependencies, not the least of which seems to be incUI, but again, I don't even know if that would be relevant anymore anyway. Still, all of MY code seems to be here ) Oh, obviously I know that the original threads are still here for each of these macros, and I did take the time to update each of them with the relevant macro as well (in case anyone else wanted to stroll down memory lane) but I thought I'd also take a minute to just post them all together here for convenience, as well as take the opportunity to say "Hi" and explain what the heck I was doing here all night  Anyway, the sun's up, which means I should've been in bed ages ago, so I'll part by commenting that it's always fun to stroll back through here from time to time, and that I'm very happy indeed to see that this community has survived and persevered for so very, very, long (in internet terms!).  Take care!  -Triane FnB3TR1.2.712.zip SpikeGolem.zip BowHunter-2.2.12.zip Triane's ACTool Working Folder.zip
  12. Heya DaMOB!! -- Wow, that's a macabre thought very early on a Tuesday morning! -- I actually just spent the past coupla hours re-reading the entire Spike-Golem thread from ELEVEN years ago . Oddly, at some point I actually managed to recover from somewhere, an EARLY implementation of SpikeGolem (1.4.something), which I still have, but that's about all that's left for me from those days (and even from reading the thread, the difference in that macro between day 4 and day 12 is several orders of magnitude). It was with a nostalgic whim that I posted the request, I guess that I kinda hoped maybe Cam or Ipa or someone else might have an old archive or something that might've survived, although saying I was optimistic about it would be exaggerating in the extreme! It's really hard for me to grasp that it's been so long (already!) where does the time go? Â It's nice though to run into a familiar friend from the heyday, I hope you're doing well these days! Â -Triane
  13. Wow, my last post in this thread was over a DECADE ago! My god how time flies!!! Anyway, having been reading through this thread, I wanted to post and say that I would *love* to recover a copy of this macro, if anyone, by any remote chance, happens to have it lying around... mostly for nostalgia's sake... Anyway, I just thought I'd mention it  BTW: Hullo to all the old pals, whomever may still traipse through these parts from time to time!  -Triane
  14. Heh -- I'd dropped out of programming altogether until I picked up ACTools and started writing macros... since then I've added Javascript, PhP, MySQL, and C# to my repetoire and am actually doing some software development professionally now... So it sounds like ACTools had a similiar impact on both of us! (I still miss the heyday when AC was lively, and the spike farming hysteria was rampant... *good times*  -Triane  LoL -- just realised I'm replying OT to a (nearly) 4yr old post... *sigh*
  15. You're starting to sound like Chef Brian...
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