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  1. Blast from the past. You know, I log in here every 5 years or so whether I need to or not. Thought I would take another run at finding my old, old macro named ChorBot. Was about 7,000 lines of code. Would be great if someone had this beast saved somewhere.
  2. Hey the grognards are still here, good to see!
  3. Hey DM, doing my thing, pop in once in a while for nostalgia's sake. Wow lots of changes. Hope all is well with Cam. He brought a lot of enjoyment to me in my life, and a lot of others. Wish i could shake his hand and tell him thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hat's off to Wabbit for picking up the flag and marching forward. Â Man I miss the good 'ol days of AC. Was a sad day when they shut down the servers. I always thought I'd go on a 3-day drunk when that happened lol. Instead it was just a sad moment and a little piece of me died inside. But you know I wasn't playing it, i was just logging in twice a year for a few hours and running around to all the towns. The memories I have from those days are priceless and will always be inside me. Sounds all mushy huh? Well it was an awesome, awesome game and those days and nights in AC were real. Just a game? No way. Â Me and my two pals from AC days (actually before, 1998) still play various games and we grumble about the new crap and also the dying genre that is MMO's. Greed sucked the life out of MMO's starting with the suits getting involved and F2P. Ah well. Â My programming for fun has died down to a trickle, I do a little bit of AHK, VBA and Lua these days if you can call that programming, Never quite finished by C++/Python Civ IV project lol. Now they are on to Civ 6 but 5 and 6 were crap don't get me started.Funny how RL work at 50-60 hr weeks drains you down over the years. Â Anyway I didn't really come here to bitch, came here to say hi and glad to see recent posts from the old gang. Howdy to all, Bear, Triane, I saw you in there, anyone I missed from back in the day. You know who you are, cheers.
  4. *pokes head in the room* Â HEY ALL! Â Ah yes the good old days of AC Tool, I miss them and I miss AC more. Still gaming, still writing a few scripts here and there in AHK and Lua. Nothing like I used to do, I just don't have the time, career and all. Â Good to see the old guard when I pass by here Merry Christmas or the holiday of your choice! Â FOR THE VITAE!
  5. Well howdy, yes I'm still around and prowling the rain forests on the Left Coast. My annual log in, hah. Â I took about 6 months off all gaming, I've done that a few times along the way and I think it's good. I have no concept of 'balance' so it's all or nothing for me. Â I'm back playing SWTOR of all things, it's OK for a guy that has become one of the hated casuals I used to complain about. I just have never found an MMO that lives up to the high expectations that Asheron's Call set back in the day. And yes i do very occasionally log into AC and run around a bit. The memories are better than the reality these days. Nothing wrong with that. Â I have a couple macros in mind, we'll see if I can carve out some programming time and get back into AC Tool a bit for nostalgia's sake. Â Hope you are all well and ready for Thanksgiving. Take care all. Â -c
  6. omg was that Cam? *bows low* I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!
  7. Chazcon

    !Travail 20

    Ever read your own code and wonder "How in the hell did I do that?" When I go back into an old program to add things first I have to study my own work for a good bit to get familiarized with it again. But you know how it is when you're into it, your head is wrapped around 14 concepts at once, like keeping plates in the air. You're in the flow and the creative parts comes out. 20 hours a day go by with notes and food and empty cans on the desk. you sleep a little but your head is really still thinking. You get up and do it again for days and weeks and months. You're coding. God I love it.
  8. Yeah I truly loved Asheron's Call and my 'other' life in Dereth. I sub and log in about once a year, run around all the old places and about have an emotional breakdown. But I can't stand the old graphics either. What's funny is, it's all about being spoiled, back in the day they were just fine. Ah well. Long live Aluvia!
  9. So after slamming AC Tool by calling your mistake a bug, how about changing the title of your thread to take bug out of it? It's a personal thing for the old schoolers here. Â Don't be knocking AC Tool and all of Cam's work.
  10. DaMob you crack me up, I went from this thread straight to BCPL Wiki as well! Looks like script language with brackets. Â My hat is off to the original AC development team, what a gifted and dedicated bunch of programmers,truly pioneers in their field. AND they got it right the first time, no game has matched AC's mechanics. Â I'm back playing LOTRO with two friends from AC, yes it's F2P, yes they have dumbed it down and even simplified the combat mechanics, which made me quit in disgust and anger in 2011. But it's still the 'best' MMO out there, take that as you will. Â Tried SWTOR, GW2, Neverwinter, was going to try Skyrim Online until I heard it's a one-click mouse game for combat, ugh. Â Now GW2 did a lot of things right, but the game has no 'soul' I can't explain it beyond that, it just doesn't hold you once you max out. Â AC had soul, red hair and lipstick, hot breath, smooth skin and knee-high black boots. Now that was a hell of a game in it's day.
  11. I stick my head in here about twice a year lol. Â BCPL? That explains SO MUCH. Â Yeah I had the Wi Flag too actually, everyone in my guild loved me for it because I was a tank - well the term hadn't been coined yet but I was a sword & shield melee defence meat shield - I'd aggro everything like a modern tank and it was fun as hell. Soloing not so much. But I'll tell you it taught me how to build and play a 'tank' character because I had to, to survive. I was actually sad to see it go. Â BCPL...
  12. lol @Bear, well done!
  13. Man what's with MMO gaming today? These games come out, they look great, they play very well for the most part, they are fun as hell until you reach max level. Then there is nothing to do... Yeah, raid, and grind your dailies. But that's IT. Of course at this point you're supposed to pull out your VISA and start buying gold and gear off the F2P store, don't you know? So many games with SO much potential, ruined by a greed-over-content business model: LOTRO, DDO, SWTOR, GW2, blah blah blah. I'm disgusted and burned out. I hate paying $60 to play for 2 months and then the game is basically over. It's a single-player model except that you run through with a mass of people. This is not MMORPG gaming. It's a shaft job. Â And DaMob, you were right brother, you were right. Â Can we all have a moment of silence for Asheron's Call, no it's not gone but it's past it's heyday, when it was the state of the art in MMO's and had a true vision of how to do it right.
  14. Damn I left this thread hangin', I REALLY got into the current game I'm playing, it's a freaking blast. I should finish this up, but wait, one more level...
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