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  1. I hadn't even realized there were any AC server emulators, etc. The game holds so much nostalgia for me I might just go check that out. (And the forums here want me to post again to be no longer inactive, and this is the thread that caught my attention.)
  2. I am trying to call an AutoIt executable from within ACtool, to handle a drag operation that ACTool can't do for me it seems. The trouble is that ExecProgram is causing me to fall out of my target environment (SWG) and causes the AutoIt script to execute in the actool environment, simply messing up my script, heh. The autoit script works fine standalone, though, I initiate it and then manually swap to SWG. I tried adding a brief delay after the ExecProgram statemtn followed by a SetActiveClient SwgClient but this instance of SetActiveClient is not seeming to do anything. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi, thanks for the suggestion, I've tried a lot of variations and am getting some odd behaviorwith a delay of less than about 150 ms between the leftmousedown and the new mousepos, I can get the mouse moved without triggering the radial menu. Unfortunatly, it's still not dragging the item. if I have a very short pause after moving to the destination and before leftmouseup, then I simply wind up with the item selected back at its old location and with the mousecursor sitting at the new location. If I have a longer pause after moving the mouse to the destination and before issueing leftmouseup, then I trigger the radial menu and the cursor gets moved back to the item at its original location. It appears that SWG may be using some other means to detect the initiation of a drag, perhaps I shoudl start with a tiny drag and then extend it to the final location? I've also experimetned with using AutoIt to do the drag (it can do the drags fine), but thats causeing me another problem, which I am about to start a new thread on, regarding ExecProgram.
  4. this is a problem I'm encountering in SWG; I tried that board a few days with no luck, someone let me know if theres a better board than this one for me to post on: My problem is that in SWG, you have to be very quick in starting your drag operations, if you pause almost at all after selecting the item, the game pulls up a radial menu of actions that can be performed with the item, and you have to make your drag attempt again. This can be a pain when manually using the mouse in a laggy situation, and so far I have been unable to do any drag operations with ACTool, dragto pulls up the radial menu and leftmousedown mousepos $destx, $desty leftmouseup simply moves the cursor without dragging the item, perhaps again because the radial menu is triggered but Im not sure of the reason for the problem on this one. Is there anyway to modify the delay built into Dragto? Any other suggestions? Anyone with Delphi willing to make me a custom version of actool that has a supershort delay built into Dragto?
  5. unfortunately, bringing up the radial menus is exactly what I DO NOT want to do, thats what's stopping me from being able to drag items into my factory
  6. I'm running XP and am able to do most mouse work fine in SWG, but right now I'm trying to load up a factory and I'm having problems getting Dragto to work for me. You may be familiar that even when working normally, if you leftclick for too long before starting to drag an item (and it doesn't take much time to be too long), then the radial menu pops up and you can no longer drag the item. Well, the internal delays built into Dragto appear to be long enough to trigger the radial menu and therefor not allow the item to be drug. I've tried working around this by just using leftmousedown and mousepos and leftmouseup, but that does not appear to accomplish the dragging effect either. Any suggestions?
  7. sorry, that report of one screen not working was wrong, I had just gotten my coordinates mixed up...
  8. well, now after trying a few more times, the mousepos commands are magically working again, although I'm having aproblem with one of my screens where they don't seem to be working bleh (though they had worked fine on this screen last night) very temperemenetal it seems...
  9. I'm a reasonably experienced actool programmer, albeit rather rusty now. I'm trying to get an SWG macro going, and on my XP machines at least I can get Say and Keys to work ok, but I'm having a LOT of trouble with mousepos. At first it wouldnt work at all for me, then I tried an older version of ACTool (4.3.4, or whatever that middle one is Cam still posts a link for). Then I was able to get mousepos to work last night (though the cursor stillll wouldnt visibly move unless I manually jiggled it like in the really really old AC days). This morning, though, mousepose again is not working for me. Any suggestions anyone?
  10. I'd also suggest an SWG forum...
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