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  1. Since I don't know what you are trying to do, except by the code. I tried to change what you had posted to work. I don't know if it will work or not. but it wouldn't hurt to try it. If if doesn't work, then what you need to do is use a TimeStamp to display the contents of the {GlobalKeys} to see how the keys are stored in it. TimeStamp GlobalKeys: {GlobalKeys} But, give this a try: constants KeySearch = end // This line is necessary to select the proper window SetActiveWindow Asheron's Call ClearGlobalKeys set KeySearch = 065,066, While 1=1 Delay 500 If {globalkeys} contains $KeySearch // "A" + "B" key ClearGlobalKeys Keys WORKED !!!!!!!!! end end //Pressing key "A" + "B" appears "WORKED"
  2. First you are not telling us what game you are creating the script for. But, I'm going to assume based solely the code that it might be Asheron's Call. And you are not telling us what your problem is. With the code that you have posted. I don't see any problem at all. So, you need to give use more details of what you are trying to do in the game. And what your script is actually doing.
  3. Try now. and you might want to check your PMs.
  4. at the time that you had that issue. I was working on a problem with the website and had to re-upload the theme. it had had only taken a couple of minutes . And you should have already seen showing back up after a page refresh.
  5. sorry for the missing of defining the AvatarPos in the second Constants list. And I'm glad it is working for you. It is going too fast? wow, i can't see how that is happening. Since I did use the same delays that you did in the same places. IDK, as long as it is working and you are able to adjust the delays to slow it down where needed.
  6. Ego, one last thing. About your code in your scripts. You seem to have the habit of creating constants that has the exact same name as a procedure. This is a very big no no, in any programing. What you need to start doing is naming your procedures and your constants for what they really are for or to do. Such as: For that procedures you have Windows WindowsUnlock Start loadavatar Group formation Avatar Layout Accountname Getposition And then you had serveral constants that had the same name of one of the above: accountname avatar just to name a few off the top of my head. The names for the procedures should be Windows = CloseWindows or CloseOpenWindows WindowsUnlock = SetupUnlocker Start = OpenClients Avatar = SelectAvatar and the constants should be something similar. such as Avatarname1 which is for the position of the avatar should really be AvatarPos1. I hope you get my drift. The reason for this is that the code that you wright is a lot easier for you to read. And not to mention a lot easier for others to read and understand what you are doing. And should start putting comments in your code describing what a specific line, or section, of code does or is for. This does wonders in helping others to know what you are trying to accomplice. And for the sake of trying to make your script work, and work better, you might want to start creating procedures that use constants of their own. such as the GetPosition procedure. buy using Procedures ... using ... ... ... end you will end up creating less constants in your constants sections. You will find that I changed a couple of your procedures to be that way. And eliminating quite a few unnecessary constants.
  7. Okay, after looking at the code for all of the remaining scripts. I was able to take care of them. And I have combined them all together into one script file. There was alot of repeat and unnecessary code in all the remaining scripts. I was able to optimize it all. And the whole thing is now a total of 397 lines of code. That is way less than what you had before. So, here is your new All-in-one 6 Toon Login script. Now, just to tell you. Although I was able to test the Login and Avatar selecting code. I was not able to test any of the remaining code. Its just that I do not have any toons to be able to group and get into a formation. But, I do believe the code should work as is. If not let me know. 6 Toon Login Complete V1.mac
  8. Well, here is a completely working version of the 6 Toon Login. At the moment I have not had the chance to look at the 6 Toon Avatar script yet. But, with this version of the login, you will not have any issues with the unlocking, loading, and setting up each game client window. I was also able to reduce the overall lines of code too. 6 Toon Login V1.2.mac
  9. Did you read this? Did you follow the link in that, and read what was there?
  10. Okay, I will look at them either tonight or tomorrow.
  11. Ego, is this the same code that you are using similar to what was in the code that you had sent to me to try and convert to Divide? Could you post the code from the Starting of the Clients to the toon selection.
  12. We need to see some form of script that you had attempted to write. So that we can help guide you to the script code that you need/want. If you are using AC Tool v5.4.0 then the only way to save a forms values, and to get them back the next time you display the form. Is by using the FormSave and FormLoad commands. Now if you are using AC Tool v5.5.1 then there is at least a couple of ways of doing this. what you need to do is look at this post about the new use of Forms in AC Tool v5.5.1. Then you need to open the help file and read up on the File* commands. At this point what needs to be done is based on what you trying to do. How, and when, you want to have the values. How you plan to use the values. How, and when, you plan to save the values. And so on. So now it would be up to you to try creating the code to do what you want it to do. And to post when you are having problems getting your code to work. And Please create a new Thread when you do.
  13. The WABBIT

    AC Tool v5.5



    ACTool is a utility that allows you to list a series of keystrokes and mouse clicks in advance and send them to Asheron's Call at a later time. The list of keystrokes and mouse clicks is called a macro or a script. This is AC Tool v5.5.1 originally released January 1, 2016 A lot of fixes/updates/enhancements was made in this version. Many of those fixes/updates/enhancements was done on the Companion/Decal side of AC Tool. Full details of the fixes/updates/enhancements to this version of AC Tool can be found in this thread: AC Tool v5.5.1
  14. 151 downloads

    ACTool is a utility that allows you to list a series of keystrokes and mouse clicks in advance and send them to Asheron's Call at a later time. The list of keystrokes and mouse clicks is called a macro or a script. This is the Original release of AC tool v5.4.0 that was released back on 07/12/2006.
  15. 10 downloads

    This is the Object Mapper created by Cameron Cole. It was used to help create Objects for AC Tool scripts. Although the program is quite old it can still be used to create Objects for AC Tool that with some minor modifications would work. But, it also can be used to help find locations within a screenshot. That you can then use with the wObject and CreateObject to create Objects on the fly while running a AC Tool script. I personally still use this while working on scripts in AC Tool and when testing scripts in Divide.
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