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  1. Ego, are you sure that it is ^LeftClick? If I remember correctly it should be LeftClick ctrl. I'll have to look for the original post about it to make sure. EDIT: Okay, I found the original post for this. you can find it here http://www.ac-tool.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16312-shiftcontrol-characters-not-working/&do=findComment&comment=81882
  2. Version 2


    This is the Object Mapper created by Cameron Cole. It was used to help create Objects for AC Tool scripts. Although the program is quite old it can still be used to create Objects for AC Tool that with some minor modifications would work. But, it also can be used to help find locations within a screenshot. That you can then use with the wObject and CreateObject to create Objects on the fly while running a AC Tool script. I personally still use this while working on scripts in AC Tool and when testing scripts in Divide.
  3. CrazyD, thanks for the info. The only problem I can see with Starbase reset is in the Docking bay when going to the Main Deck (the first room from the dock). It seems that depending on the starbase. That the starbase reset places the toon somewhere were there is no direct line to the doors to the Main Deck. You have to make at least one turn to get to the door. With a possible second turn just to go through the door. Now once you are in the Main Deck, and other rooms, the starebase reset does place the toon in a spot that allows for moving straight ahead to get to where you are going. As long as you have the right angle. So, the finding the mem location(s) for the placing of the toon in the Docking Bay, with/without a starbase reset, would help out greatly. Ego, that link to the topic/post that you found. Is from way back when Earth & Beyond was live. And we had our own sub-forum for the discussion of scripts for Earth & Beyond. I don't know when that sub-forum was removed. But, any and all posts in it was deleted long ago. Including the one for that link. But, that number used for the starbase reset angle seems to me to be quite high.
  4. crazyd, Here is the archive you sent me long ago. It has the following 4 scripts in it: Aragoth TLvl 75 v3.2 Margesi ELvl 75 v3.2 Pluto ELvl75 v3.2 Venus EL50 v3.2 You did send to me another batch of scripts. But at the moment I can't seem to locate them. EnB Code 3.2.zip
  5. Two of the themes allow the user to change the background. They have the option to use an image or a solid color. The Chameleon Dark theme and the Titan theme are able to do this. The problem with the Chameleon Dark theme the color backgrounds are not really dark. And my attempt to make them darker form the ACP has yet to bare fruit. So, try the Titan theme and see if the color background it has is dark enough. I'll try and see if I can adjust it's color backgrounds to come up with one that works. To change the background, look for the following icon at the top of the page:
  6. Ok, I just checked that the themes were available for everyone. And they were set for everyone to use. So, I don't know why you were not seeing the Theme link. But, here is a couple of images to show you where the link is. Image1: Image2:
  7. the DB, and tables, were changed from the UTF-8 from before to UTF8MB4, as required for the forum upgrade. But the exported sql file is UTF8, as that was the only option.
  8. Today, I wish to announce the reopening of the AC Tool Forums. I am sorry that has been down and that it has taken so long to get it backup. The reason the forums went down in the first place. Was because the old forums using IP Board v3.4.x required PHP v5.4-5.6 to run. It could be run using PHP 7.0.x. But, not with any version newer. And it was bound to happen sooner, or later, that the Website Host would drop support for PHP 5.X altogether. And that is what happened. The fixing, or upgrading, the php code for the forums to run with PHP 7.1, or newer, was just to much of a task for myself and MysticDrew. So, I all could do was somehow migrate the forums to another (free) forum software. Or upgrade the forums to the current IPS Suite v4.x, the newest version of IP Board. When it came down to it, I really had not choice but to upgrade to the current IPS Suite. WIth that in mind I am sorry it took so long to do the upgrade and to get the forums opened to all of you. But, with MysticDrews work schedule during the last month, or so, work on the forums was not possible. But, when we were able to work on it. We ended up coming across a few problems, sometimes major ones. At this point the upgrade of the forums is complete. There is only two issues that has happened. Some posts made between May 16th and May 30th, roughly about 3/4. (No posts were made to the forums in June.) Are missing. Sorry Bear, it looks like all the post that are missing are the ones you made on May 28th. During the moving of all the posts information to the new DB the forums uses. it seems that all posts have had an extra paragraph added to the posts. And this paragraph only has a single  in it. The paragraph is inserted in every post between every paragraph the post may have. So many of the posts have multiply paragraphs with just  inserted in them. I do not know how this could have happended. But, I was not going to go through the process of redoing the upgrade process in an attempt to fix this issue. Now, if someone, with more knowledge of SQL code, is willing to help me to come up with a sql scrit. To run through the DB and remove all the paragraphs with the  in them. I would be happy to do that. Now with the new forums. There is one thing. The for our members sight is unable to handle the bright them IPS Suite has. The old dark theme, Deviant III, is not available for v4.x of the forums. As such I have gotten two dark themes and have installed them. They are not as dark as the Deviant III them but they are dark. If these themes are not dark enough please let me know and I'll see what I can find. For those that do not know how to change themes. You can find a link at the bottom of the forum page that says Theme. Just select it and a menu will pop-up with available themes. Then select the one you want. That is it. Again I am sorry that it took so long to get things up and running again. But, we are there now and the forums are OPEN.
  9. After taking your newest test code, changing the setactivewindow to use a Notepad document, and running it. This is what my Test Log shows: ChangeWindowEvent In: 198424 ChangeWindowEvent Out: 198424 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 SetActiveWindow Untitled - Notepad DELAY: 800 Keys: 0 DELAY: 800 ChangeWindowEvent In: 198424 ChangeWindowEvent Out: 198424 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 SetActiveWindow Untitled - Notepad DELAY: 800 Keys: 0 DELAY: 800 DELAY: 300 ChangeWindowEvent In: 198424 ChangeWindowEvent Out: 198424 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 SetActiveWindow Untitled - Notepad DELAY: 800 Keys: 0 DELAY: 800 ChangeWindowEvent In: 198612 ChangeWindowEvent Out: 198612 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 ChangeWindowEvent In: 198424 ChangeWindowEvent Out: 198424 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 I pressed the F5 key 3 times. For each time i pressed the F5 key the log shows that it changed to the Notepad 3 times and only executed the Keys 0 statement once for each pressing of the F5 key. There is not additional 0 showing up in the log. And my empty Document in Notepad only has 3 0's in it. So, I am not seeing, by the log or 0's showing up in Notepad, that AC Tool is executing the Keys 0 statment, or even sending the 0, twice.  Here is the code as I have tested it: // This is the Join Formation sub-macro for the Slave computer // ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Constants    TriggerF5=116            // F5 End // Main Procedure // ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Procedure SubJoinFormation When {GlobalKeys} Contains $TriggerF5    SetActiveWindow Untitled - Notepad    Delay 800    Keys 0      Delay 800 End   // Executes Global Key Presses // --------------------------------------------------------------------------- While 1 = 1  //Check for special procedures like the one above...see Procedure under help  ProcessMessages   //Clear so the procedure does not keep on firing unless a key is pressed  ClearGlobalKeys   //Always keep some delay on uncontrolled infinite loops  Delay 300 End When I changed the code to use your Join Formation code, again using Notepad to receive the 0's, I get the same results. Pressing the F5 key shows in the Test Log that Keys 0 is executed 5 times, once per window without any additional 0's show up in the log, and i have only 5 0's in Notepad.  Since I do not have multiple accounts with toons to be able to create a formation. I am unable to test your actual code within the game. But, since my test log, and the number of 0's showing up in Notepad, shows that the Keys 0 statement is not being executed twice. Then it should be working fine on your end.
  10. Â This is completely different code from the script you have initially posted. And that code there is nothing wrong. And the Test log supports that. The Test log shows that it is executing the command Keys 4, and if you happen to viewing the log at that time the 4 shows up in the test log. Â So, does the test log show that AC Tool is executing the Keys 0, in the current shown script, twice, or just once, for each open game client? Have you tried actually tested the current script with using a Notepad document, and see how many times 0 shows up? Based on your current script the Notepad document should have 10 0's, instead of the 5, if it is being executed twice.
  11. Okay, watching your vids I see what you are talking about. And I am able to see the same thing happen on my end.  But, here is the problem. There is nothing wrong with your code or in AC Tool when executing your code.  When you press the F5 key, the script will send to the currently Active Window the pressing of the 4 key. Since you do not have a SetActiveWindow command to direct all key/mouse/Color/Object commands towards. It will send the pressing of the 4 key to its self. But, the 4 will only will show up when viewing the Test Log tab. (That is because the View Log tab's Edit box is not set for read only. So, things can be written to it. And yes this is a bug. If the Edit Box in the View Log tab was set to be readonly the second number 4 would not show up.)  Try opening a Notepad with a new document. Then set a SetActiveWindow for that Notepad instance in your script in the JoinFormation procedure before any statements you have there. Then run your script. You will now see that Notepad will become the active window and that the number 4 will show up there when ever you press the F5 key, and not in AC Tool. Even if you are viewing the Test Log.  So, in the future make sure that you have a SetActiveWindow to make active the window that AC Tool will be working with and send everything to.
  12. Â Â After running your code as is. And pressing the F5 key multiple times each test run. This is what i get in the Test Log when I run your code: DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 MouseMove 50, 50 DELAY: 500 Mouse Left Click ChangeWindowEvent In: 6227662 ChangeWindowEvent Out: 6227662 DELAY: 1000 Keys: 4 DELAY: 1000 TimeStamp: 05/14/2019 06:35:08:573 am - The hotkey was pressed. DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 ChangeWindowEvent In: 198036 ChangeWindowEvent Out: 198036 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 MouseMove 50, 50 DELAY: 500 Mouse Left Click ChangeWindowEvent In: 6227662 ChangeWindowEvent Out: 6227662 DELAY: 1000 Keys: 4 DELAY: 1000 ChangeWindowEvent In: 198036 ChangeWindowEvent Out: 198036 TimeStamp: 05/14/2019 06:35:18:445 am - The hotkey was pressed. DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 DELAY: 300 So, I am assuming that there must be something going on on your end. Â Ego, test this bit of code and see if you to see what happens for you.
  13. Since I was not getting anyone wanting to test Divide, and the few that did want to not testing it.  I have decided to open the Beta testing of Divide to everyone that wants to. You will see a new sub-forum for the Divide Testing. And you will find Divide in it's own thread there.  Good luck for those that decide to test it.
  14. what games is this? That way I or someone else, well I hope that someone else, can test AC Tool with it to see what problems AC Tools has with the game. But as is, AC Tool should work with about 95 to 98% of the games out there as it is.  as for another update for AC Tools. No, there will not be another update to it. I have been working on the next version of AC Tool, that I have code named Divide. It is currently in Beta testing, although it does not seem to be being tested.  As for the F keys, are they the only keys that are not working with the game? or Is there other keys not working too? F keys are a special key in AC Tool. So you need to use Keys {F1}, Keys {F2}, etc. to send them. If the game is still not getting them, then try the sKeys alternate to Keys.  sKeys {F1}      is the same as the     Keys {F1} sKeys {F2}      is the same as the     Keys {F2} sKeys a           is the same as the     Keys a sKeys b           is the same as the     Keys b   The difference between the two is the sKeys uses a different way to send the keys to the game. Some games will not receive keys, or mouse, input from the standard ways. Instead they require the keys, or mouse, input to be received by another means. Keys uses the standard way of receiving the keys, or mouse, input. The sKeys uses the other means that many games now require.  So, give the sKeys a try it might work better for your game.
  15. Until you have check conditions in each of the infinite loops, to know when it is time to stop executing the current code, NO.
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