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  1. From what it sounds like. Is that GetClipboard is working just fine. What the actual problem is, is that you are copying a huge amount of text to the Clipboard. And as you have found, AC Tool's script engine has a max size for constants of 4K. That is 4096 characters in a single constant. Personally, I don't see how you could be copying so much text to the clipboard. That you end up not having all of the text copied into a single constant. And to answer you questions. No, there is no way to copy the clipboard to a list. And no, there is no way to increase the size of a constant. And no, there is version of a constant that's size is larger. So, if you really have to use this extremely huge amount of text within your script. You are just going to have to do it in smaller sizes. Wether, or not, you use a list to hold it all. How you go about this will be up to you to decide and code.
  2. @player_of_games Well, welcome back to AC Tool and the community. And good luck with checking out the emulator servers out there.
  3. Here is the information required to use GMail's SMTP servers: How To Use Google's SMTP Server But, unfortunately even with following the above. Using AC Tool to send e-mail by GMail's SMTP servers will not work. AC Tool can not connect to a SMTP server using a secure connection, such as TLS/SSL as required by GMail's SMTP server. At the time that AC Tool was originally created. Connecting to a SMTP server using a secure connection was not requirement. Although there were many SMTP servers that were setup to require a secure connection. Most SMTP servers, at that time, did not require a secure connection. So, unless you can find a FREE SMTP server that allows connections without using TLS/SSL. You will not be able to use AC Tool to send e-mails through GMail's SMTP server.
  4. This is a issue of Windows newer than XP displaying chm Help files. You can google for the solution to this.
  5. Yes, there is a Mouse rate type command but it works with clicking the mouse button. There is not command, or delay type, for mouse movement. The Mouse rate type command is call MouseClickDelay. It is one of the few ORIGINAL commands in AC Tool that is not documented in the AC Tool Help file. As to why it was not documented. You will have to ask the Original Developer of AC Tool to find out. You can find the information about the command in this post: Keys {BACK} does not work with EverQuest I, but works with EverQuest II There is another Undocumented feature mention in that post. It deals with the LeftClick, LeftMouseDown, LeftMouseUp, RightClick, RightMouseDown, RightMouseUp commands. You will find the original post that I brought it up here: Keys {BACK} does not work with EverQuest I, but works with EverQuest II. Then after you read that, you can read the follow up of that command in the post linked above.
  6. reminder to everyone, the code @Ego posted above comes from my Universal Window Mover. You can find the Universal Window Mover in the Download section. Direct Link to Universal Window Mover
  7. procedure buff every 30 sec // buff IsObject principal_buff at 172,545 // If the buff object is present do nothing. else // if the buff object is not present // activate the buff skill. keys q end end As you can see the buff Every Procedure with using Objects checks to see if the buff skill needs to be activated. If it does not, then it does not activate the skill.
  8. First, You are still using a IF statement to check for a Object. You can not use a IF statement to check for Objects. As I stated before you HAVE to use the IsObject command. Second, move the contents of the consume_mp procedure to replace the Call consume_mp line in Health procedure. Third change the Buff Every Procedure to be 30 sec not 5 min.
  9. Now what I would do at this point. Is to make the Buff procedure into a Every Procedure. And have set for 30 seconds. Then I would remove the Delay 4 min and leave that line blank.
  10. like this Object principal_buff // Test at coords 172, 545
  11. In the Object definition there should be a space between the Object's name and the comment right after it. Make sure that all your Objects have that space too.
  12. Okay, three things: remove the word Object in all the End Object lines. It is not needed. But, if you need to have this. Add it as a comment like below. end // end object you do not use the IF statement to check for the objects. What you need to use, is the IsObject command. Look it up in the Help file. Remove the If in all the End If lines. It is not needed. But, if you need to have this. Add it as a comment like below. end // end if
  13. Show your code for the Object and the checking for the object. plz We can't help your with your code if we don't see your script.
  14. Using Objects is a more advance advance. But, it would make your script a lot better. because then you can have your script activate the Buff skill only when the game shows that the buff skill is no longer in effect. This would be much better than waiting for a certain time period to pass.
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