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  1. ** English ** Okay, you test script is a complete mess. So, I'll try to help you the best that I can. But, the first thing you need to do. Is you need to forget all about WObject and CreateObject, for now. I need you to understand what an Object is and how to create it and how to use it. Once that is done, then I'll help you to learn all about WObject and CreateObject. From what it looks like. You were able to learn how to create the Object. I assume this is because of what you had learned from the Object Primer article. That is good. But, let's briefly go over it here: 1. Get a screen shot by pressing the Print Screen button on your keyboard. 2. With AC Tool running. Go to an empty line at the bottom of your current script. 3. In the right panel, expand Object Commands and double click on Object .. End. 4. Click on the Paste button. 5. Change ObjectName to what you want to Object name to be. 6. In the image scroll, if necessary, until you find the part of the image that you would like to create an image of. 7. Click on the image at the point that is the upper left corner for the object. This will update the Coordinates {X, Y} with the coordinates for the object. 8. Change the values in Object Width and Object Height to match the width and height of the Object. 9. Just below the Object Width and Object Height will be a image showing the portion of the image that will be made into an Object. 10. Using the image of the object. Adjust the coordinates and width and height of the object. Until you get what you want the object to be. 11. Click on the OK button. 12. After this AC Tool will place the Object definition in the source code. Starting at the empty line that you had the cursor at. Below you will find a test script that uses the Object from your test script and the the SetActiveWindow is for the game or program you have used. I hope that this helps you to better understand Objects and how to use them. And what is in the Object Primer about Object, IsObject and ObjVar. ** Русский **- машинный перевод, поэтому следующее не имеет смысла. Я надеюсь, что вы понимаете, о чем идет речь. Хорошо, у вас тестовый сценарий - полный беспорядок. Итак, я постараюсь помочь вам как можно лучше. Но, первое, что вам нужно сделать. Вам нужно пока забыть о WObject и CreateObject. Мне нужно, чтобы вы понимали, что такое объект, как его создать и как его использовать. Как только это будет сделано, я помогу вам узнать все о WObject и CreateObject. Как это выглядит. Вы смогли узнать, как создать объект. Я предполагаю, что это связано с тем, что вы узнали из статьи Object Primer. Это хорошо. Но давайте кратко рассмотрим это здесь: 1. Сделайте снимок экрана, нажав кнопку Print Screen на клавиатуре. 2. При запущенном AC Tool. Перейдите к пустой строке внизу вашего текущего скрипта. 3. На правой панели разверните Object Commands и дважды щелкните Object .. End. 4. Щелкните кнопку Paste. 5. Измените ObjectName на то, что вы хотите для Object name. 6. При необходимости прокрутите изображение до тех пор, пока не найдете ту часть изображения, для которой хотите создать изображение. 7. Щелкните изображение в точке, которая является левым верхним углом объекта. Это обновит Coordinates {X, Y} координатами объекта. 8. Измените значения в Object Width и Object Height, чтобы они соответствовали ширине и высоте объекта. 9. Чуть ниже Object Width и Object Height будет изображение, показывающее часть изображения, которая будет преобразована в объект. 10. Использование изображения объекта. Отрегулируйте координаты, ширину и высоту объекта. Пока вы не получите то, что хотите, чтобы объект был. 11. Щелкните кнопку OK. 12. После этого AC Tool поместит определение объекта в исходный код. Начиная с пустой строки, на которой был установлен курсор. Ниже вы найдете тестовый сценарий, который использует Object из вашего тестового сценария, а SetActiveWindow предназначен для игры или программы, которую вы использовали. Я надеюсь, что это поможет вам лучше понять объекты и способы их использования. И что в Object Primer об объектах, IsObject и ObjVar. constants i= end delay 1000 SetActiveWindow Drakensang Online: бесплатная онлайн-игра в стиле фэнтези - DSO delay 5 sec objvar 10 // IsObject is used to check for the object. // You give the name of the Object to check for. // And you give the X, Y coordinates (the top // left corner of the object) to test for the Object. // IsObject используется для проверки объекта. // Вы даете имя Object для проверки. И вы даете // координаты X, Y (верхний левый угол Object) // для проверки Object. IsObject Zelenyjloot at 664, 417 // Code that is here is executed if the Object has been found. // Код, представленный здесь, выполняется, если объект был найден. //ShowMessage i = Information, OK, The Object was found. ShowMessage i = Information, OK, Объект был найден. Else // Code that is here is executed if the Object has not been found. // Код, представленный здесь, выполняется, если объект не был найден. //ShowMessage i = Information, OK, The Object was not found. ShowMessage i = Information, OK, Объект не найден. End // Test for this Object at 664, 417 Object Zelenyjloot // Тест для этого Object на 664, 417 110=0,0|125=0,2|137=0,4|90=0,6|112=0,8|158=0,10|96=0,12|141=0,14|138=0,16|139=0,18|137=0,20 125=2,0|140=2,2|143=2,4|92=2,6|150=2,8|114=2,10|116=2,12|140=2,14|140=2,16|140=2,18|137=2,20 138=4,0|142=4,2|119=4,4|135=4,6|168=4,8|98=4,10|144=4,12|141=4,14|142=4,16|133=4,18|139=4,20 136=6,0|138=6,2|135=6,4|157=6,6|113=6,8|119=6,10|146=6,12|143=6,14|143=6,16|142=6,18|137=6,20 138=8,0|132=8,2|137=8,4|150=8,6|101=8,8|149=8,10|146=8,12|143=8,14|145=8,16|143=8,18|137=8,20 133=10,0|122=10,2|127=10,4|107=10,6|155=10,8|146=10,10|147=10,12|143=10,14|143=10,16|140=10,18|132=10,20 125=12,0|135=12,2|114=12,4|116=12,6|152=12,8|145=12,10|144=12,12|141=12,14|143=12,16|142=12,18|129=12,20 186=14,0|111=14,2|113=14,4|155=14,6|150=14,8|142=14,10|144=14,12|142=14,14|140=14,16|125=14,18|137=14,20 112=16,0|114=16,2|150=16,4|150=16,6|147=16,8|144=16,10|141=16,12|142=16,14|132=16,16|134=16,18|141=16,20 116=18,0|152=18,2|150=18,4|147=18,6|144=18,8|141=18,10|138=18,12|134=18,14|136=18,16|139=18,18|145=18,20 147=20,0|147=20,2|147=20,4|144=20,6|136=20,8|138=20,10|135=20,12|141=20,14|141=20,16|138=20,18|145=20,20 End
  2. Hello @orlando800, It is nice to see a new user of AC Tool. And Personally I did not know about any videos on YouTube for AC Tool. I am sorry that I, and I believe most of the Moderators, don't speak Russian. But, we will try our best to help you. As for other Russian speaking AC Tool users. I assume that there is at least one or two others here. It is just a matter that they start posting here in the forums. So, hopefully they might be able to help. To help you to understand what Object is. The AC Tool Help file has a article called Object Primer, it was written by a user of AC Tool. This article talks about Object, IsObject and ObjVar. It tells you all that you need to know about what an Object is and how to create one and then use it. You will find the article in the AC Tool Help file. Go to General Information and then Object Primer. So, I would suggest that you go and read that article first. And create a few test scripts using what you have learned from that. If you have any questions as you create your tests scripts. Please ask here so that we can help you the best that we can. Now, once you have mastered the Object, IsObject and ObjVar commands. Let me know and I'll do my best to describe to you what WObject and CreateObject are and how to use them.
  3. Have you attempted to try to create a script to do this? But to answer you question. Yes, you can do this. So, I would suggest that you attempt to actually create the script to perform this. Then ask questions when you get stuck.
  4. @Lots of sand Obviously, the example is not complete and will not work for what it was attended for.
  5. Glad I was able to help. On my end the Window Titles for all Sandboxed programs has the [#} prior to, and after, the program's default title. That is why I gave my examples. But, there is another way and it might be better, depending on your situation. To Use SetActiveWindow to do a partial match of the window title. In AC Tool can be used in the following was: SetActiveWindow FullWindowTitle SetActiveWindow PID SetActiveWindow PartialWindowTitle SetActiveWindow 1. Requires that you give the full window title. Just as move people do, because that is how its use is shown in the help file. SetActiveWindow [#] LaunchNet7 v2.2.0 [#] 2. Requires that you give the Windows' PID number. Which can be obtained from Windows Task Manager or the the Window List, from AC Tool menu under Tools . Which means that the program/game has to be running prior to use running the script. In order for you to get its PID number. SetActiveWindow 10960 3. With this version of SetActiveWindow, As long as the Window title's has the portion of text that you are using. Then that window will match and will be made the active window. This is a problem with this. Multiple of windows that contains the same portion of the window title. At which point the very first window that matches. Is the one that is set as the active window. Whether or not it is the window that you want as the active window. In order to use the partial Window title search. Give the portion of the title that you are looking for, with an asterisk/star at the end. SetActiveWindow LaunchNet7* 4. This does not have a Window Title or PID. And when executed will open the Window List window. Select the window title and then click on the OK button. This causes SetActiveWindow to use the PID for the window. NOTE: The use of the PID is for this particular SetActiveWindow instance. If you need to call SetActiveWindow at anytime after this one. Then you give the Window's PID number, or the Window's title full/partial. SetActiveWindow
  6. Well, you didn't give any details as to what you are experiencing. Even though I don't have ACE Online, I did download sandboxie and gave it a try with LaunchNet7 and E&B. And I did not have any problems with AC Tool v5.4.0/, or Divide, using SetActiveWindow to make them the active window. Below is the SetActiveWindow commands that I used in AC Tool and then again in Divide. And since you did not specify how you started the game. I don't know if the way I started LaunchNet7, and then E&B, is different and if it may have any bearings on what you are experiencing. So I'll tell you how I started LaunchNet7, and then through it E&B. Start > Sandboxie > Sandboxie Start Menu DeskTop > LaunchNet7 and Start > Sandboxie > SandBoxie Start Menu Programs > Net-7 Entertainment > EnB Emulator > LaunchNet7 AC Tool: SetActiveWindow [#] LaunchNet7 v2.2.0 [#] SetActiveWindow [#] Earth & Beyond [#] Divide: SetActiveWindow('[#] LaunchNet7 v2.2.0 [#]'); SetActiveWindow('[#] Earth & Beyond [#]');
  7. @minimx Ok, I not sure as to why your DivObject definition, that you had created from the AC Tool Object definition, is not working. I don't know if it is because of the coordinates being used. Or if values that is being used for the test. But, I can say that after looking at a screen shot in Object Mapper 2. I was not able to find any of the values, in the exact same series, that you have in your test script for any portion of the Icon for Divide. So, from that point of view. You'll have to recreate the DivObject definition to look for Divide's Icon. So, plz check your PM as I sent you one.
  8. I have one question. What Windows are you running it on? And are you using the Classic Windows theme?
  9. are those test being done with Divide's window being smaller than the full screen? And is the image from the d_screen.bmp or from a screen capture of the window only, from another program?
  10. Okay, try this. with Divide opened and not Maximized. resize the window so that it is not full screen. The redo the test and see if you can see a difference. And go ahead and post the full image here.
  11. If you compare what you see in the image. Is it the same as what you actually see on the desktop with Divide's window?
  12. Update: Okay after testing v0.4.2 and trying to find Divide's own icon. I had found a few issues. I fixed the issue of using SetActiveWindow causing Divide's Maximized window, and quite possibly others, to return to Normal window state. I fixed a problem/error with the CreateObject that I had fond. And in the process made it better with code that I was working on for the next version. And I think that I found what the problem is with the IsObject. And I have corrected it. Well, I think I did anyways. Now, I have to ask you do some for me. I need you to run your test code, from before, for a test. (Actually, I need to do two tests.) And yes, I do need you to perform the tests in the version of Divide that you have. The first test: Once Divide is running, load in, or type in, the script from before. From the menu select Script > Test Mode and click on Save Bitmaps from Color Commands. If you were to look at this option again, it should be checked. Run your script as it. Don't worry if Divide is not Maximized. Go to the directory that you have Divide installed in. In this directory, there should be a bmp file with the name of d_screen.bmp (or d_screen if you can't see file extensions). I need you to look at this image. In Windows 7 you can view the image by Right-clicking on it, and selecting Preview. I am not sure on how to do it in Windows 8.x or 10. Examine Divide's window in the image. Does the window look okay? Do you see everything for the window? Including it's borders around the window? Jot down what problems, if any, that you see. The second test: Keeping the window with the d_screen.bmp image open. Maximize Divide's window. Run your script again. Return Divide's window to normal. Bring the window showing d_screen.bmp. Examine Divide's window in the image. Does the window look okay? Do you see everything for the window? Including it's borders around the window? At this point, I need you to tell me what problems, if any, that you have seen in the image for both tests. You do not need to post the image. Just describe to me what you see. It shouldn't take you more than a few minutes to do this. I'll be logged into the forums until about 1AM MTD (UTC -6) tonite. So, I'll be available until then.
  13. Alright, I don't what's going with the IsObject and CreateObject. But, I am working on them right now.
  14. okay. Now the object that you are looking for in the script above. Is it in the game itself? Or is it someplace on the web browser?
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