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WoW Auto Heal Script 2.7.5

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 WoW Auto Heal Script
  Original concept and script by: Unknown
  Original script: http://www.bankofwow.com/article/296.html

This is a script is based on the script found at the link above. It was originally created for use in AC Tool. But, for some AC Tool is no longer able to work with WoW without WoW closing.
So, this is a converted version of the script for the new version of AC Tool, code-named Divide. At this time Divide seems to work with WoW.

I created this script after trying to figure out why a user came to the support forums. Asking for help with the script and/or AC Tool was causing WoW to crash to desktop. After some testing being done, through the user, that would only bring the WoW game window to the front and make it the active window. It became obvious that WoW was checking for AC Tool to be present and running. And if it had found that AC Tool was running WoW would close itself right then and there. The was verified by using Divide to perform the same test of brining the WoW game window to the front and making it the active window. Divide uses the exact same internal code that is in AC Tool to bring the window to the front and make it the active window. So, I went and for that user created this script. (Based in concept to the Original Script found at the link above.) So that other WoW players would have a heal script that works. And for scripters of WoW, and other games, to get a taste of what Divide can do. With their own scripts.

You can find the current versions of AC Tool and Divide at the following url: www.ac-tool.com



This script works wonders for healers that are grouped with a  single partner.

This also works wonders for people with 2 accounts who want to have a permanent automatic heal bot.  

The healer running this script will automatically target and then follow the groupmember. And heal them as they need healing. Once that grouptmember gets down to around 40% health, the healer will begin to heal the groupmember. Each time the groupmember's health hits about 40% health, the healer will heal them again. Once the groupmember is above 40%, the healer will continue to follow them around.

And as the Healer needs to be healed. The script will heal the Healer. What can be better!

Best of all, there is no needing to create an "In Game" macro to use this script.


Have Fun!


  See the instructions in the script file.


  All Questions and Support will be giving in the Question and Support tabs above.

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