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Universal Window Mover v2

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Universal Window Mover v2 is here.


With version 2 I have pretty much redone the script. It is now much simpler in code and works on any Windows Desktop screen resolution. Well, at least it does on all Desktop Screen Resolutions that my laptop has. :D (1600x900 on down to 800x600.) And get this all you have to do is save the sub-script in the same directory as your script/macro and add just three (3) lines of code to your script/macro to do it. It is that simple.


Read the instructions in the script, or in the ReadMe.txt file included, for more information.


What Does Universal Window Mover do?


What Universal Window Mover does is it moves the currently active window to the upper left corner of the Windows Desktop screen.


Why would I need to do this?


For many games/programs you can only run them in windowed mode. And unless the game/program has be programed to remember its last screen position on the desktop. Windows will display the game/program window at a different place each time you run it. This makes it hard on the user to create a script/macro to use the mouse, or objects. Because the mouse position coordinates are always changing between each time the game/program is run. The only way to handle this is to create a complex script/macro that can calculate the proper coordinates needed each and every time you run the game/program. Or somehow get the game/program window to display in the exact same position each time you run it.


Creating a script that can calculate the exact pixel placement needed each and every time the game/program is run is beyond my limited math skills. And since the game/program will not display in the exact same place as last time it was run. I created this sub-script to move the specified window to a known place before continuing on with my script/macro for that game/program. In this case to the upper left corner of the screen.


But what if I wish to move the window to someplace other than the upper left corner?


Well, you can do that too. Just read the instructions on how you can use Universal Window Mover v2.

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