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  1. Divide

    Welcome to code-named "Divide". Divide is the next generation of AC Tool. Divide is created to work similarly like AC Tool. But, with Divide you will have a whole new experience in scripting. Divide comes with some new features, like:
    A whole new script engine. The script engine has been in development since March  2003 so it is very feature rich. And it's development will continue for the fore-see able future.
    The writing of scripts will be done in a Pascal/Delphi like language, instead of the custom language like that of AC Tool.* The ability to Debug your scripts in a similar fashion, as that developing a program in your favorite programming language's IDE. The ability to create new, and better, forms for your scripts through the integrated form designer. Where you can create your forms visually. and many more soon to be introduced...  
    This is a Beta release of Divide. Currently Divide has most of the General use commands available from AC Tool implemented in a library. But, it does not have any of the Decal/Companion commands for use with Asheron's Call (emulator) implemented, yet.
    Please see the Help file for what is, and is not, implemented in Divide and how to use them.
    * None of the advanced new, and some of the basic, ways to program in Pascal/Delphi has been implemented in the script engine. Mainly because the developers have not implemented them at this time. Also, not all of the base Pascal/Delphi programing libraries have been implemented in the engine. And for some of those that are implemented. Not all of the classes, methods, properties are implemented.


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  2. Divide Source Code

    Source Code for Divide. It is complete in everything that Divide v0.4.0.
    To develop Divide you will need
    RAD Studio 10.2 (Tokyo) or newer, or the new Community Edition 10.2 or newer.
    You will also, need the following components:
    Jedi jcl - You can download and install it, for free, from the IDE's GetIt app.
    Jedi jvcl - You can download and install it, for free, from the IDE's GetIt app.
    TMS Scripter - a trial version in the Install Components sub-directory.
                                 To purchase TMS Scripter you will need to goto www.TMSSoftware.com
    1. JEDI jcl
    2. JEDI jvcl
    3. TMS Scripter
    Load the Divide.groupproj into RAD Studio 10.2.3 or newer, or Community Edition 10.2.3 or newer


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