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  5. Ok, I will refreshe the game chat and everything will worked out! Thank you so much!
  6. From what it sounds like. Is that GetClipboard is working just fine. What the actual problem is, is that you are copying a huge amount of text to the Clipboard. And as you have found, AC Tool's script engine has a max size for constants of 4K. That is 4096 characters in a single constant. Personally, I don't see how you could be copying so much text to the clipboard. That you end up not having all of the text copied into a single constant. And to answer you questions. No, there is no way to copy the clipboard to a list. And no, there is no way to increase the size of a constant. And no, there is version of a constant that's size is larger. So, if you really have to use this extremely huge amount of text within your script. You are just going to have to do it in smaller sizes. Wether, or not, you use a list to hold it all. How you go about this will be up to you to decide and code.
  7. Getclipboard is not working for me because a constant has too little "space" for my clipboard, and it chops it, is there a way to copy clipboard to a list directly? Or to get it to a constant that have more capacity? Ty
  8. @player_of_games Well, welcome back to AC Tool and the community. And good luck with checking out the emulator servers out there.
  9. I hadn't even realized there were any AC server emulators, etc. The game holds so much nostalgia for me I might just go check that out. (And the forums here want me to post again to be no longer inactive, and this is the thread that caught my attention.)
  10. You are the best! Ty!!
  11. Here is the information required to use GMail's SMTP servers: How To Use Google's SMTP Server But, unfortunately even with following the above. Using AC Tool to send e-mail by GMail's SMTP servers will not work. AC Tool can not connect to a SMTP server using a secure connection, such as TLS/SSL as required by GMail's SMTP server. At the time that AC Tool was originally created. Connecting to a SMTP server using a secure connection was not requirement. Although there were many SMTP servers that were setup to require a secure connection. Most SMTP servers, at that time, did not require a secure connection. So, unless you can find a FREE SMTP server that allows connections without using TLS/SSL. You will not be able to use AC Tool to send e-mails through GMail's SMTP server.
  12. I need to send an email everytime an event is triggered. Tryed to right one but couldn't. Are those commands working? my atempt: MAILBODY day {day}, {hour} {minute} MAILFROM xxx@gmail.com MAILPASSWORD xxx MAILTO xxx@gmail.com MAILSUBJECT bot:day {day}, {hour} {minute} //MAILCC //person3@someplace.net //MAILBCC //person4@someplace.com MAILHOST smtp.gmail.com MAILPORT 587//I tryed 25 and 465 MAILSEND SendText 13, Mail Sent! it doens't stop, but the email was not sent TY
  13. What we can do with AC tool Belt. Please update.
  14. I tried to get the new programming language, using help, but I could't do a single thing, like : if isWindow Ti then ... . I tried to learn basics on delphi/paschal, it was hard to apply to divine. Could someone share some really simple macros or part of macros so noobs could have a simpler learning curve? Ty
  15. This is a issue of Windows newer than XP displaying chm Help files. You can google for the solution to this.
  16. Yes, there is a Mouse rate type command but it works with clicking the mouse button. There is not command, or delay type, for mouse movement. The Mouse rate type command is call MouseClickDelay. It is one of the few ORIGINAL commands in AC Tool that is not documented in the AC Tool Help file. As to why it was not documented. You will have to ask the Original Developer of AC Tool to find out. You can find the information about the command in this post: Keys {BACK} does not work with EverQuest I, but works with EverQuest II There is another Undocumented feature mention in that post. It deals with the LeftClick, LeftMouseDown, LeftMouseUp, RightClick, RightMouseDown, RightMouseUp commands. You will find the original post that I brought it up here: Keys {BACK} does not work with EverQuest I, but works with EverQuest II. Then after you read that, you can read the follow up of that command in the post linked above.
  17. Is there a mouse rate command just like key rate? it would chance mouse movement speed and click speeds. ty, happy to see this community alive! I love this program and you guys. Learned so much here
  18. actool.chm Put this file in actools folder, overwrite it.
  19. That is correct. Let us know how you go.
  20. Okay sorry for the late reply, I spent the weekend with my fam :P, so let me get this clear, basically the code that @Ego posted is the same as the universal window mover and it does move the window to a certain position on the screen right? and the program that @The WABBIT posted basically is the official source of the code so I will try to do it, I think this will help me correct a few position relates issues I had
  21. reminder to everyone, the code @Ego posted above comes from my Universal Window Mover. You can find the Universal Window Mover in the Download section. Direct Link to Universal Window Mover
  22. Read object in help screen if you have not yet. It is hard to read but after a while it makes sense. I make mine in-game as I know exactly where the object is going to be. I also move the screen to a set position every time I start the game using code like the example below. Was created with The WABBITS help a while ago. procedure MoveWindow using DreamACE Episode X Reload timestamp move window setactivewindow DreamACE Episode X Reload delay $wait sec compute X = {WindowLeft} + 2 compute Y = {WindowTop} + 2 mousepos $x, $y delay $wait sec dragto 1, 1 MousePos 722, 775 keys {return} End
  23. oh well i dont really know whats that, I thought I selecyed a very small square
  24. 16 x 17 for the object? that is a big object. Most of mine are 4 x 4 or 8 x 8 or I use is{color}) xx, yy
  25. I do use it in windowed mode because I find it easy to make changes on my code, also jaja its easy to use the object mapper this way
  26. Is the game in windowed mode or fullscreen? I build my objects in windowed mode and I create them from the game screen, not the screenshot. I found the objects more accurate this way. Wabbit, create a separate heading for this game now there is a macro for it? or leave it here.
  27. Oho I see I do understand this, lemme give it a try and I will return with some proper evidence, I greatly appreciate all your help
  28. procedure buff every 30 sec // buff IsObject principal_buff at 172,545 // If the buff object is present do nothing. else // if the buff object is not present // activate the buff skill. keys q end end As you can see the buff Every Procedure with using Objects checks to see if the buff skill needs to be activated. If it does not, then it does not activate the skill.
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