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  3. I just done a minor update to the Auto Heal! script. You can find the script in the Downloads section.
  4. I just done a minor update to the Auto Heal! script. You can find the script in the Downloads section.
  5. I am using a 1hr pass via Xfinity wifi on demand. It is free for 1hour per month and I needed some programs upgraded so I had no choice. Lucky I could connect because the signal is very weak and I had to grab a better antenna. Anyway I will get my Internet sometime in January as they are forcing me to wait 90 days. Just keeping you in the loop.
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  7. Version 2.7.5


    WoW Auto Heal Script v2.x.x By: The WABBIT Original concept and script by: Unknown Original script: http://www.bankofwow.com/article/296.html This is a script is based on the script found at the link above. It was originally created for use in AC Tool. But, for some AC Tool is no longer able to work with WoW without WoW closing. So, this is a converted version of the script for the new version of AC Tool, code-named Divide. At this time Divide seems to work with WoW. I created this script after trying to figure out why a user came to the support forums. Asking for help with the script and/or AC Tool was causing WoW to crash to desktop. After some testing being done, through the user, that would only bring the WoW game window to the front and make it the active window. It became obvious that WoW was checking for AC Tool to be present and running. And if it had found that AC Tool was running WoW would close itself right then and there. The was verified by using Divide to perform the same test of brining the WoW game window to the front and making it the active window. Divide uses the exact same internal code that is in AC Tool to bring the window to the front and make it the active window. So, I went and for that user created this script. (Based in concept to the Original Script found at the link above.) So that other WoW players would have a heal script that works. And for scripters of WoW, and other games, to get a taste of what Divide can do. With their own scripts. You can find the current versions of AC Tool and Divide at the following url: www.ac-tool.com Description: This script works wonders for healers that are grouped with a single partner. This also works wonders for people with 2 accounts who want to have a permanent automatic heal bot. The healer running this script will automatically target and then follow the groupmember. And heal them as they need healing. Once that grouptmember gets down to around 40% health, the healer will begin to heal the groupmember. Each time the groupmember's health hits about 40% health, the healer will heal them again. Once the groupmember is above 40%, the healer will continue to follow them around. And as the Healer needs to be healed. The script will heal the Healer. What can be better! Best of all, there is no needing to create an "In Game" macro to use this script. Have Fun! Instructions: See the instructions in the script file. Support: All Questions and Support will be giving in the Question and Support tabs above.
  8. I have created and released a Auto Heal script for WoW. You may find it in the Downloads section of the forums. The direct link to it is: http://www.ac-tool.com/forums/index.php?/files/file/12-wow-auto-heal-script/ This thread is for the requesting and receiving of support for the script only.
  9. I have updated the Terms of Use Policy. It now contains the following: With this change I have set that all users must agree to the new Terms of User & Privacy Policies. For those members that maybe in violation of this new Terms of Use. I will give a grace period of 30 days, from November 3, 2019, to update their email address and/or contact me by PM with the user name you wish to use. So that I may change it. I will also be sending an email to any user that I find to be currently in violation of this new Terms of Use policy. Notifying the Member of the change in policy and that they have until December 3, 2019 to change their email address or contact me with a new user name. Any such account found to have an email address that is non-active, or False, will have the user's account immediately banned. After December 3, 2019, any member account that was created on, or prior, to November 3, 2019 that is still in violation of the Terms of Use. Will have their accounts locked. And the deleted after 60 days, to allow the user a chance to contact me. All new accounts created after November 3, 2019 to be in violation of the user name and email portion of the Terms of Use policy will be immediately banned. I understand that many people want to have a username, or to use an email address, derived from their favorite game/program/etc. But, with the current climate of any entity suing, or even sending a Cease and Desist letter, to any body using, or site where the use of, their registered/copyrighted names/material. Or anything else they happen to think is wrongful towards them. And I believe this to be petty. But, it is their right to do so. I also know that with this site and forums being very small potatoes to such people, companies, etc. That the chances of them even taking notice of our members using such names and/or email addresses are very slime. But, I personally do not, and can not, take the chance that such people/companies/etc doing so. And I sure that our members and users of AC Tool would not want this site to be removed for such pettiness. I hope that our members, and users, understand this. The WABBIT
  10. Okay, what should be the last update for the current script. I removed the need for, and reliance on, a "in game" macro to target and follow the groupmember to be healed. Now, only thing needed to setup for the script. Is the heal spell(s) being placed on the hotbar. And the setting up of the variables with the required proper values. If this works, I'll consider this script complete and then post it in the Downloads section. So, give it a try. P.S. I am assuming that the use of the Slash commands require that the chat window/bar is activated by pressing the RETURN key first. Then the entering of the slash command. And then the RETURN key again. As such, that is how I had coded that portion of the script. EDIT: File released in the Download section. All support for the script will take place in the following thread: WoW Auto Heal! v2.7
  11. okay, the log confirms that it is working as it should. Healing both the groupmember and the healer. And only doing so when the healer can cast a spell. And the using of the timing is working as it should. Okay, i had made a minor change to the script. Instead of having two checks to see if the healer can cast yet. Each time the groupmember and healer needs to be checked. I changed it to a single global check. That is done before checking to see if the groupmember/healer needs to be healed. As such this version should not have any issues. So give it a quick test. And it should be fine. I did leave the code for the switching of the windows in, but they are commented out. If you would like to give them a try just remove the comments at lines: 217, 232, 250, 256, 268, 283, 311 and 317. The way the switching is supposed to happen. Is that once the script has determined that someone needs to be healed. It will switch to the healer window, perform the heal and then switch back. So, the process is: Check to see if the healer can cast a spell, If not Step goto 16 Check to see if the groupmember needs to be healed, if not Step goto 9 Check to see if the active window is the is the healers, if yes Step goto 6 Save current window's Title/Name Change to Healer's window Heal the groupmember Setup how long the healer has to wait to cast another spell. If we had to change the windows. Change back to the previous window. Check to see if the healer needs to be healed. if not goto Step 16 Check to see if the active window is the healer's, if yes goto Step 13 Save the current window's Title/Name Change to Healer's window Heal the healer Setup how long the healer has to wait to cast another spell. If we had to change the windows. Change back to the previous windows. Pause the script for half a second. Goto Step 1 and repeat If the script is doing other then as shown. Then there is a problem, and I'll just completely remove the switching code. No use trying to solve this problem. EDIT: FIle removed
  12. Ok, the healer is in fact healing itself just at a lower health level than I was expecting. That does not need to be altered. Attached is the TestLog results for this round of testing. TestLog v2.6.1.txt
  13. Ok, sorry for the delay I was out doing the Halloween thing with my family. I added Casttime as a declared variable and added DateUtils back into the Uses to accommodate MilliSecondsBetween. The healer will now heal the the groupmember, but not itself. Also, when the groupmember's client is active then the script is activating what is in his quickbar slots 3 and 4.
  14. the shifting from one game window to the other is only supposed to happen if the groupmember or the healer needs to be healed. And if the healer is constantly being healed then that is why for the constant switching. It first checks to see if the person needs to be healed. It then checks to see if the healer can cast the heal spell Then it changes the windows, if needed. Heals the person And finally it changes the windows back, if needed. And with the exception of adding the switching windows, and changing the pausing of the script to checking when last time cast was done. Nothing for the healer portion of the script has changed. I have commented out the window switching portion of the code. Lets see what happens with the healing of the healer. and try to get it to work with the new timing. Let's see how it works. EDIT: File removed
  15. The error is gone, but it continually shifts between the two clients making it near impossible to play the groupmember's client. Also, the healer is healing non-stop again.
  16. okay, that is fixed. get the updated download from above.
  17. After starting the script the healer will target and auto-follow the group member, but shortly after this error occurs that stops the script:
  18. Well, I have updated v2.6 of the script to fix a syntax error. And while I was at it, I adjusted the script to remove individual spell(s) cooldown and replaced it/them with a global cooldown. But, I can easily add the individual spell cooldown if the needed. So, give it a try and lets see how it all works. I'm just wondering how the switching from one game window (player) to the second window (healer) and then back works for the individual player playing with two game windows at a time on the same system. I am wondering if this may cause too much problems for the user when playing. EDIT: File removed
  19. I have updated the script again. I have updated the script to allow the user to make adjustments for the Spell cast time and Cooldown time. I have also allowed for the user to use two heal spells if they wish. That is if it is possible in the game to do so. One being for the groupmember and another for the healer. I have also changed how the script functions after a spell has been cast. Instead of having the script pause for the time the spell to be cast and then pause again for the spell cooldown period. I have made the script keep track of the time of when the spell can be recast. And then only cast the spell when you can recast the spell. Basically it will heal the groupmembe and then when it checks again to see if the groupmember needs to be healed. I won't cast the spell until such time as the spells cooldown period has lapsed. But in the mean time, if the healer needs to be healed. And the user is using a separate heal spell for the healer. It will heal the healer right away. But, then it will also not attempt to heal the healer until the cooldown period for the heal spell used has lapsed. I have left in the code to switch between windows on the same system. Since as I don't know how it is working yet. So, when you get a chance please give the new version a test. And let me know how the timing portion is working. And whether or not the switching windows is of any use for multiple of windows on a single system. EDIT: Removed file
  20. There are two kinds of cooldowns in World of Warcraft. Some spells have a set amount of time before they can be cast again. That is not the case with this particular healing spell. Then, there is what is called the Global Cooldown. This is a brief amount of time (usually 1.5 sec) and is there to prevent the spamming of abilities or spells. The GCD does impact the casting of this healing spell. The GCD prevents the casting or use of all spells or abilities until its duration is up. Spells and Abilities can be activated via command line usage. For instance, the healing spell I use can be activated with /cast Heal It may be necessary to preface the slash command with a prompter like /say I am not sure about that as I have never tried to cast a spell with a third-party app before.
  21. One last question, is the cooldown a per individual spell? Is it that any time the spell caster/healer casts a spell the individual spell has a cooldown period before it can be cast again. But, the spell caster/healer can cast another spell. Or is it that spell caster/healer has to wait the cooldown period before they can cast any spell? Also, is the command in the In Game macro commands that can be entered manually without being in a macro. As in through chat?
  22. There are various heal spells available with varying casting times that a player may want to use, so they'll need to update that manually to optimize their healing. In this case, I use a 3 second cast and my guess on the additional 1.5 seconds is that it is to cover the "cooldown" before the spell can be cast again.
  23. I have updated the script. And added code to switch from a second instance of the game. to the game with the healer and back again. I don't know how well it will work. but, it might allow the user to play the game and have the healer on the same system. So, give it a try when you can and let me know how it works. As I may have to remove it. WoW_Heal_v2.5.psc
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