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  2. Since I don't know what you are trying to do, except by the code. I tried to change what you had posted to work. I don't know if it will work or not. but it wouldn't hurt to try it. If if doesn't work, then what you need to do is use a TimeStamp to display the contents of the {GlobalKeys} to see how the keys are stored in it. TimeStamp GlobalKeys: {GlobalKeys} But, give this a try: constants KeySearch = end // This line is necessary to select the proper window SetActiveWindow Asheron's Call ClearGlobalKeys set KeySearch = 065,066, While 1=1 Delay 500 If {globalkeys} contains $KeySearch // "A" + "B" key ClearGlobalKeys Keys WORKED !!!!!!!!! end end //Pressing key "A" + "B" appears "WORKED"
  3. First you are not telling us what game you are creating the script for. But, I'm going to assume based solely the code that it might be Asheron's Call. And you are not telling us what your problem is. With the code that you have posted. I don't see any problem at all. So, you need to give use more details of what you are trying to do in the game. And what your script is actually doing.
  4. Hey guys, so my question is pretty simple, I just want to press two keys to do a certain action. Ex: Primary Code // This line is necessary to select the proper window SetActiveWindow Asheron's Call ClearGlobalKeys While 1=1 Delay 500 If {globalkeys} contains 065 // "A" key ClearGlobalKeys Keys WORKED !!!!!!!!! end end //Pressing key "A" appears "WORKED" As i would like // This line is necessary to select the proper window SetActiveWindow Asheron's Call ClearGlobalKeys While 1=1 Delay 500 If {globalkeys} contains 065 + 066 // "A" + "B" key ClearGlobalKeys Keys WORKED !!!!!!!!! end end //Pressing key "A" + "B" appears "WORKED" EDIT by The WABBIT: Moved the Topic to the proper forum to ask the question. And edited the topic to remove the Color from the code for our Sight challenged members to read it. Placed the code within code blocks with no syntax highlighting.
  5. Last week
  6. Ego


    Works now, just checked, Wife and I in process of becoming foster parents, doing courses, computer time a lot more restricted now.
  7. Try now. and you might want to check your PMs.
  8. Ego


    Are you still working on it? No theme icon now.
  9. at the time that you had that issue. I was working on a problem with the website and had to re-upload the theme. it had had only taken a couple of minutes . And you should have already seen showing back up after a page refresh.
  10. Titan theme gone, I'm back on the IPS Default what happened?
  11. sorry for the missing of defining the AvatarPos in the second Constants list. And I'm glad it is working for you. It is going too fast? wow, i can't see how that is happening. Since I did use the same delays that you did in the same places. IDK, as long as it is working and you are able to adjust the delays to slow it down where needed.
  12. Need to add avatarpos = 0 in the second constant section, and it runs. I just need to slow down some timers as it's too fast and clicking before screens are loaded, I expected that.
  13. Think I understand what you are trying to say. Looking at the code you posted I can see what you mean. Will rewrite my Sommer macro to do as you suggested. Bound to find ways to shorten it Thanks Wabbit.
  14. Ego, one last thing. About your code in your scripts. You seem to have the habit of creating constants that has the exact same name as a procedure. This is a very big no no, in any programing. What you need to start doing is naming your procedures and your constants for what they really are for or to do. Such as: For that procedures you have Windows WindowsUnlock Start loadavatar Group formation Avatar Layout Accountname Getposition And then you had serveral constants that had the same name of one of the above: accountname avatar just to name a few off the top of my head. The names for the procedures should be Windows = CloseWindows or CloseOpenWindows WindowsUnlock = SetupUnlocker Start = OpenClients Avatar = SelectAvatar and the constants should be something similar. such as Avatarname1 which is for the position of the avatar should really be AvatarPos1. I hope you get my drift. The reason for this is that the code that you wright is a lot easier for you to read. And not to mention a lot easier for others to read and understand what you are doing. And should start putting comments in your code describing what a specific line, or section, of code does or is for. This does wonders in helping others to know what you are trying to accomplice. And for the sake of trying to make your script work, and work better, you might want to start creating procedures that use constants of their own. such as the GetPosition procedure. buy using Procedures ... using ... ... ... end you will end up creating less constants in your constants sections. You will find that I changed a couple of your procedures to be that way. And eliminating quite a few unnecessary constants.
  15. Okay, after looking at the code for all of the remaining scripts. I was able to take care of them. And I have combined them all together into one script file. There was alot of repeat and unnecessary code in all the remaining scripts. I was able to optimize it all. And the whole thing is now a total of 397 lines of code. That is way less than what you had before. So, here is your new All-in-one 6 Toon Login script. Now, just to tell you. Although I was able to test the Login and Avatar selecting code. I was not able to test any of the remaining code. Its just that I do not have any toons to be able to group and get into a formation. But, I do believe the code should work as is. If not let me know. 6 Toon Login Complete V1.mac
  16. Well, here is a completely working version of the 6 Toon Login. At the moment I have not had the chance to look at the 6 Toon Avatar script yet. But, with this version of the login, you will not have any issues with the unlocking, loading, and setting up each game client window. I was also able to reduce the overall lines of code too. 6 Toon Login V1.2.mac
  17. Earlier
  18. After looking at layout and how the constants are set, I added the set avatarxxx code after the end statement to make the constants the same as what is in the constants at the beginning of the macro. This is done as the "timestamp $avatar1name is avatarname at finish of unlock." was Xsix which created havoc when the next procedure started. Is there a way to use what is in the constants in the beginning of the macro? or the constants need resetting as I have indicated? Part of the layout procedure. If $number >= 6 set AccountName5 = $AccountName6 set avatar5name = $avatar6name set left5 = $left6 set top5 = $top6 End call accountname End set Avatar1name = Xone // Name of 1st Avatar. set Avatar2name = Xtwo // Name of 2nd Avatar. set Avatar3name = Xthree // Name of 3rd Avatar. set Avatar4name = Xfour // Name of 4th Avatar. set Avatar5name = Xfive // Name of 5th Avatar. set Avatar6name = Xsix // Name of 6th Avatar. timestamp $avatar1name is avatarname at finish of unlock.
  19. Added mysticdrews suggestion, but, had to change the layout activation as the multiclient window was being double clicked now and then. Moved some code around and now only clicks layout once after reading how many avatars in $number. Now working on my other problem about the wrong avatar being loaded when I combine login and avatar. 6 Toon Login V1.1.mac
  20. Did you read this? Did you follow the link in that, and read what was there?
  21. Okay, I will look at them either tonight or tomorrow.
  22. I'm simply trying to get my older 5.4 scripts operating in the 5.5.1 version by recreating ... Form Flax, Settings ed1=Combobox:Job:Seeds, Flax, Both //Job Type ed16=Combobox:Seed:Old Egypt ed3=Editbox:Batch:1 //Number of times to run Job ed2=Editbox:Seed Plants (Even Number):2 //Number of beds you want to plant for seeds ed4=Combobox:Pick Rounds:1, 2, 3, 4, 5 //Number of times to harvest seeds before ripping out beds ed9=Editbox:Seeds / Pick:1 //Number of seeds per picking ed12=Editbox: # of Seeds in Inventory:0 //Number of seeds in Inventory ed17=Editbox:Flax plants (Even Number):14 //Number of Flax plants you want to plant per round ed5=Combobox:Weed #:3, 2, 1 //Total number to Weed and Water a variety of flax ed6=CheckBox:Dump:False //Toggle to Dump flax in chest ed7=CheckBox:Rot:False //Toggle to Rot flax ed11=CheckBox:Left to Right?:False //Future Addon ed10=CheckBox:Need Water:True //Toggle if flax needs to be watered ed15=CheckBox:Venery?:False //If you are on Venery and have "Test.." in menues ed13=EditBox:UnZoom Time:900 //Time to Zoom Out ed14=EditBox:Zoom Time:1000 //Time to Zoom in ed8=Combobox:Resolution:3840x2160, 1920x1080, 1360x768, 1280x1024 end FormLoad Flax, Flax.frm This form opens at the start of the macro, I make any edits and it saves my settings that are loaded in the next time. No need for anything to change during the macro. It did not seem that my help file changed from 5.4 as it still has formload and formsave in the help file. I wanted to know how to load individual values from a file.
  23. This code just loads and forms 6 toons or less, each macro is loaded one after the other. These are the originals without mystics suggestion to shorten the code. Still working on that one. 6 Toon Login.mac 6 Toon Avatar.mac 6 Toon Group.mac 6 Toon Form.mac
  24. Do you have an updated version of this SomPrasad v1.4.6.zip 

    It hangs up in Som


    1. Ego


      I'll check my macro folder, I'm sure I fixed that problem. Will send you the code when I find it.

  25. Ego, is this the same code that you are using similar to what was in the code that you had sent to me to try and convert to Divide? Could you post the code from the Starting of the Clients to the toon selection.
  26. Used the if statement exactly as is, it worked with no changes, thanks a lot mysticdrew, cut out a few lines Now working out why the names will not reset back to what is in the constants, guessing I might need to do a setconstant command in my code after the procedures log in, that's where I get the same name trying to load the same avatar and position into the window on all the accounts and fails. I will find it, has to be something simple. When I separate the code and I created another macro to load the avatars, it works, but when I tried to combine them it failed, that's why i think I need to find where the constants are needing a reset (setconstant) and I can build a full login and group and form. (atm they are all separate) Again thanks for the help.
  27. You repeat a lot of code in those if statements. Don't duplicate code, it will save lines. Here are two ways. Though I could probably come up with even more. I'd personally use Lists as the solution. Clean, Simple, Straight Forward. Using lists, this code will not work as is it's more sudo code as list[index+1] is not valid syntax sadly. This is just to give you an idea (don't forget to account for max list size, {loopNo} + 1 can give you an index out of bounds error) constructs layouts = List accounts = List avatars = List leftLocations = List topLocations = List end procedure setValues listAdd layouts, 110 // ... add others listAdd accounts, 140 // ... add others listAdd avatars, 1xxxxx // ... add others listAdd leftLocations, 0 // ... add others listAdd topLocations, 0 end // list way procedure numbers loop $number if $number > 1 set layout[{loopNo}] = layout[{loopNo} + 1] set accounts[{loopNo}] = accounts[{loopNo} + 1] set avatars[{loopNo}] = avatars[{loopNo} + 1] set leftLocations[{loopNo}] = leftLocations[{loopNo} + 1] set topLocations[{loopNo}] = topLocations[{loopNo} + 1] end call layout call accountname end end Simpler if statement way .. this is untested, I am not sure if it will work 100% but again just to give you an idea. procedure numbers loop $number If $number >= 1 set layout = $layout1 set AccountName = $AccountName1 set avatarname = $avatar1name set left = $left1 set top = $top1 end If $number >= 2 set layout = $layout2 set AccountName1 = $AccountName2 set avatar1name = $avatar2name set left1 = $left2 set top1 = $top2 End If $number >= 3 set layout = $layout3 set AccountName2 = $AccountName3 set avatar2name = $avatar3name set left2 = $left3 set top2 = $top3 End If $number >= 4 set layout = $layout4 set AccountName3 = $AccountName4 set avatar3name = $avatar4name set left3 = $left4 set top3 = $top4 End If $number >= 5 set layout = $layout5 set AccountName4 = $AccountName5 set avatar4name = $avatar5name set left4 = $left5 set top4 = $top5 End If $number >= 6 set layout = $layout6 set AccountName5 = $AccountName6 set avatar5name = $avatar6name set left5 = $left6 set top5 = $top6 End call layout call accountname end end
  28. We need to see some form of script that you had attempted to write. So that we can help guide you to the script code that you need/want. If you are using AC Tool v5.4.0 then the only way to save a forms values, and to get them back the next time you display the form. Is by using the FormSave and FormLoad commands. Now if you are using AC Tool v5.5.1 then there is at least a couple of ways of doing this. what you need to do is look at this post about the new use of Forms in AC Tool v5.5.1. Then you need to open the help file and read up on the File* commands. At this point what needs to be done is based on what you trying to do. How, and when, you want to have the values. How you plan to use the values. How, and when, you plan to save the values. And so on. So now it would be up to you to try creating the code to do what you want it to do. And to post when you are having problems getting your code to work. And Please create a new Thread when you do.
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