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  2. I just tested with SetActiveWindow Untitled - Notepad keys ^h And was given the result I expected ctrl h, which is the replace with window in notepad. Same expected results with the ~ and the @ keys. So going by those results keys ^leftclick Should be ctrl leftclick. Tested in EnB and keys ^I turns on ping and turns it off again.
  3. Thanks but this is not working. To keep the forum fluent I've posted in the thread linked above.
  4. Yeah I don't thinks its implemented as using: Leftclick ^ Just produces a Left Click without holding the CTRL.
  5. Ego, are you sure that it is ^LeftClick? If I remember correctly it should be LeftClick ctrl. I'll have to look for the original post about it to make sure. EDIT: Okay, I found the original post for this. you can find it here http://www.ac-tool.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16312-shiftcontrol-characters-not-working/&do=findComment&comment=81882
  6. Last week
  7. ^LeftClick. remove the + sign Edit : I have it wrong, thanks to The WABBIT it is Leftclick^ no + sign. Weird, yea, you think the ctrl or shift key would be first.
  8. Hi again so here is another niggle i have and that is trying to send a CTRL and LeftClick to the client. Procedure Slot1 EVERY 5 sec if $tboxcheck = 1 SetActiveWindow Supreme Destiny LoadRGB 698, 377 // Check tBox in slot 1. SetConst Red = {RGBRed} SetConst Green = {RGBGreen} SetConst Blue = {RGBBlue} if {RGBRed} = $itemR and {RGBGreen} = $itemG and {RGBBlue} = $itemB ^ + LeftClick // Press and hold ctrl and click the left mouse button. Else mousepos 698, 377 // Delete Item if not a tBox. delay 100 LeftClick mousepos 911, 544 delay 100 LeftClick mousepos 444, 491 delay 100 LeftClick End End End As you can see in the snippet of the script I am trying to use: ^ + LeftClick // Press and hold ctrl and click the left mouse button. But this is producing very strange results. Thanks again for any further help.
  9. Excellent that did the trick many thanks! Now just wondering why this is not documented in the help files.
  10. I was having same kind of problem in EnB. Found out I could add MouseClickDelay 100 // 100 is time. Lower or higher in milliseconds Procedure SpamRightClick every 0.5 sec if $RightClicker = 1 SetActiveWindow Supreme Destiny delay 100 RightClick end end The mouse delay allowed me to stop using mousedown and up. Hope that helps.
  11. Hey guys Been lingering around for years but never actually made a forum account (my bad?)... Anyway have recently been creating a script for a game I'm playing (Supreme Destiny) and everything is going well apart form a couple of niggles with some functions. I am trying to RightClick an item but that function doesn't seem to be working however the LeftClick function works perfect, So at the moment to achieve a RightClick I have to use the following: Procedure SpamRightClick every 0.5 sec if $RightClicker = 1 SetActiveWindow Supreme Destiny delay 100 RightMouseDown delay 100 RightMouseUp end end Ideally to save lines and CPU time (as this is just 1 small function of my large script which has many more right click functions), I would like to be able to just use the following: Procedure SpamRightClick every 0.5 sec if $RightClicker = 1 SetActiveWindow Supreme Destiny delay 100 RightClick end end Any help or guidance is highly appreciated.
  12. Version 2


    This is the Object Mapper created by Cameron Cole. It was used to help create Objects for AC Tool scripts. Although the program is quite old it can still be used to create Objects for AC Tool that with some minor modifications would work. But, it also can be used to help find locations within a screenshot. That you can then use with the wObject and CreateObject to create Objects on the fly while running a AC Tool script. I personally still use this while working on scripts in AC Tool and when testing scripts in Divide.
  13. CrazyD, thanks for the info. The only problem I can see with Starbase reset is in the Docking bay when going to the Main Deck (the first room from the dock). It seems that depending on the starbase. That the starbase reset places the toon somewhere were there is no direct line to the doors to the Main Deck. You have to make at least one turn to get to the door. With a possible second turn just to go through the door. Now once you are in the Main Deck, and other rooms, the starebase reset does place the toon in a spot that allows for moving straight ahead to get to where you are going. As long as you have the right angle. So, the finding the mem location(s) for the placing of the toon in the Docking Bay, with/without a starbase reset, would help out greatly. Ego, that link to the topic/post that you found. Is from way back when Earth & Beyond was live. And we had our own sub-forum for the discussion of scripts for Earth & Beyond. I don't know when that sub-forum was removed. But, any and all posts in it was deleted long ago. Including the one for that link. But, that number used for the starbase reset angle seems to me to be quite high.
  14. Found this in an old macro, don't know if the showtopic is still there to check what was being shown in the thread. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// point=1239513710 // Angle, in unknown form, to set at StarbaseReset //// Mem=00BDBB80 //|/\|Do not modify unless StarbaseReset procedure dooes not work. In which//// Mem2=00BDB1C0 //|\/|case go here http://forums.cameroncole.com/index.php?showtopic=1189 //// //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
  15. If you do a sbreset outside station, nothing happens from what I have seen when I sometimes coded in a sbreset when in space. I could look up cheat engine and run the program till I find the address in stations, it should give about 5 addresses when docking, just need to work out how to drive the program
  16. The starbase reset direction can be changed, but the location of the reset is hard coded for each room in the starbase. I did try reseting memory before docking(Didn't work), but tried and couldn't lock down a memory address for landing in middle core-door. Someone must have found memory address for x,y, z; but you'd have to ask them. Does that location only work outside the dock? or Both?
  17. Thanks!!! Wabbit!! That's much more than I had... Now just missing my builder and mining programs. 3.2 much better than my 1.55 If my code still works; It got rid of turning all together by using star-base reset command. All I needed to do was move forward. Even if screen size changes the Walkin Code should be good. Walkout wasn't quite as good, but pretty full proof nothing which required accuracy when turning. Long winded History of Starbase reset: (From what I know) So the purpose of my code was make it into the next room by moving forward. Then use Reset to point me in the right direction to get to the next room or terminal by only moving forward. Then use it again to get out of the Star Base only by moving forward and turns required no real accuracy but getting to next room. Best I could ever find with memory addresses. I did try finding more memory locations but didn't have much luck. The only thing found was the two memory locations which changed every time you use the command (Number also changed when entering a Star Base) One person figured out that if you set them both to 0 it would be a dependable direction. I found if you change second number of the first memory location direction could change and only stepped by one. The starbase reset direction can be changed, but the location of the reset is hard coded for each room in the starbase. If you keep using starbase reset after setting them to 0. You could find dependable direction by counting how many starbase resets you needed in a row to be pointing in the right direction (87 high score) I used that SBReset Finder as a way to make it easier to find if you got the count slightly wrong and you could hone in on exactly which # you wanted. In general you'd never have to turn just move forward for X seconds. Maybe a turn to get into the next room while stuck on corner, but nothing else. The best I could do with the Memory Hack, never did find the X, Y, Z memory locations. Or anything else useful...
  18. E-mailed you what you sent me when we were coding like crazy lol. Also added the multiclient unlocker and a single avatar login with it What I noticed is, on all stations the avatar lands in front of the door to lounge and a few other places. your code moves the avatar to the left of the door if possible, what I was wondering is, is there a way to find the location where the avatar lands in front of the door in memory that we can use to stop any turns from the landing bay to run into the lounge. SBReset Finder.mac
  19. crazyd, Here is the archive you sent me long ago. It has the following 4 scripts in it: Aragoth TLvl 75 v3.2 Margesi ELvl 75 v3.2 Pluto ELvl75 v3.2 Venus EL50 v3.2 You did send to me another batch of scripts. But at the moment I can't seem to locate them. EnB Code 3.2.zip
  20. So what are all the odd A's about in the old posts? (I think maybe they are Tab's) If anyone has my Macro Zip pack please post to me. Charon L50 V2.2.2[155].mac
  21. So I was asked how the SBReset call worked recently; I managed to find one of my 20 Scripts. Really wish I could find the rest of my Scripts, but I did find this one. I had one for all of them. Basically the process for me was to use 0 in the call. Then use /Starbase Reset command until I find the one that points in the right direction. So it takes 5 resets to point the right way. So then I'd replace the 0 with 4 or 5 (Can't remember if it's minus one or not, but if my memory is right it may be minus 1) Honestly I haven't played in a long time, and I'm not sure if this still works. Stupid me... wish I had not lost that data. Charon L50 V2.2.2[155].mac
  22. So I have been thinking about EnB since the other day an EA Executive said he didn't know why the customers thought of them as Evil (Bad in his words). A lot of my old code seems to have gotten deleted when I was here last I could have sworn I posted my latest batch of macro's. I had saved the zip file at on Hotmail, but I guess it was deleted. Anyone have a starting point for me of my old code? Goodness. I had it working on my laptop last time I saw it, but that was years ago. I even had an EXE file which would restart game & then ACTools when the game crashed.
  23. Earlier
  24. Must be new features for this version. I will give that a shot now.
  25. Two of the themes allow the user to change the background. They have the option to use an image or a solid color. The Chameleon Dark theme and the Titan theme are able to do this. The problem with the Chameleon Dark theme the color backgrounds are not really dark. And my attempt to make them darker form the ACP has yet to bare fruit. So, try the Titan theme and see if the color background it has is dark enough. I'll try and see if I can adjust it's color backgrounds to come up with one that works. To change the background, look for the following icon at the top of the page:
  26. If only I could make the background a solid dark color. Deflection sort of looks like a Kindergarten/Fisher Price type theme to me due to the colors used and the general layout used.
  27. The theme link is there now, could be I needed to reload the forums after first log in? But all is good, thanks for the info, soon as I wend down to bottom the link was there. The Titan theme is nice
  28. Ok, I just checked that the themes were available for everyone. And they were set for everyone to use. So, I don't know why you were not seeing the Theme link. But, here is a couple of images to show you where the link is. Image1: Image2:
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