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  5. Open macro. Click on help. Click on AC Tool Help. Click on index. Type in left. Hint "leftmousedown" Double click on command (s) shown. Hope that gives you the information you are looking for. After that, any problems, ask in forum.
  6. Yes you can do this. But it is not done by a single command. This requires that you use 3 commands, two of which are for the button. I would suggest that you read the Help file. And then try to create a test script. And then post here if you are having problems getting it to work.
  7. My apologies if I'm blind or simply inept but is there a command to hold a click for a specified duration before releasing it? IE: Click (Left), Hold X seconds, Release
  8. Well, I do seem to remember stating in my previous post. That I recommend that you read up on Procedure .. End and ProcessMessages. I guess that you had not could that. It is good that you did eventually read up on it, after ego had given you a snipped of code, and had gotten you script to work properly.
  9. Hi, I have studied the operation of the ProcessMessages command better and I have solved my problems. Thanks everyone for the help.
  10. While 1 = 1 ProcessMessages delay 10 min End There's a hint.
  11. Hello and thanks for the reply. I've already tried reading the AC tool help file, but couldn't find the one that's right for me. To explain better I am attaching an example of what I am trying to do: While 1=1 IsWhite 500, 500 // Do these commands if true Call test Else // Do these commands if false End Call Alpha End Procedure Alpha every 10 Min keys a End In this case I tried to create a script that constantly checked that at specific coordinates there is the white color and only every 10 minutes must the "a" key be pressed. With this code I get a constant spam of "a" and that's not what I'm trying to do. I hope I explained myself better, thanks again for your help. (Message translated with google)
  12. We need to see the code to see what you would like help with. We will help, but without any code, it is useless us inputting information on something we cannot see.
  13. If this is for a AC Tool script, then I would suggest that you read the AC Tool Help file since you have not done that yet. I would recommend that you read up on Procedure .. End and ProcessMessages.
  14. Hi guys, I hope you can help me. I have created a script that repeatedly performs control actions, do you think it is possible to add an action to this script to be performed indiscriminately every 10 minutes? Message translated with google
  15. China launched a Pay2Win version of Shadowbane on Steam ($300 Bane Scrolls).. however there's a new free emulator you can join in and offers a much more authentic and smoother experience than any other emulator out atm. Their discord is: https://discord.gg/WKjuxeJp and website is http://www.ShadowbaneReforged.com
  16. I clicked on the Actool forum link, top left of page, every time I checked the forums. About 2 to 3 times a day. Had 2 errors one was a message about a database being corrupt and the other was 400 error (i think). Clicking on the link cleared the messages and allowed me to browse the forums. Thought it was my end as it was usable. Weird.
  17. Well, the problem was with the Sessions table of the DB. It had about 712 entries and all of them had some form of corruption. The Sessions table handles keeping track of individual member login sessions. So, there was not real data loss. Prior to my trying to access the forums. There was one member, according the the logs that was able to access the forums. That person had done so about 4+hrs prior to my attempt. And then there was Ego, sometime prior to even that person.
  18. It was down with the internal error, then it was up, then the next day was down, and stayed down until you fixed it.
  19. I thought it was my end. when I logged on, I just hit the Actool forum link top left of page and everything worked. Sorry I did not report it.
  20. Sorry, that I had not checked in for over a 9 days. As I attempt to check on the Forums at 7:25 AM [UTC-6]. I find that the Forums was down, do to some script error. Is what I kept getting when I attempted to look at any page. Logging into the Admin Control page, showed that there was an error with on specific maintenance script. This lead me to see if changing it from being run one way to another would fix the problem. Of course it did not, but it did allow a more meaningful error message to show up on the Forums main page that I was trying to view. Some how, earlier today, one of the Forums' DB Tables had crashed. So, I fired up the old trusty phpMyAdmin, provided by the Site Host, backed-up the DB. Then repaired the DB Table in question. As soon as I finish this post and it looks like everything should be fine. I'll do another backup of the Forums' DB.
  21. Although was very polite with you. And I never did "dismiss" your report as you have claimed multiple of times. Even though you had made the claim that AC Tool, by using the KeyDown, was freezing your whole computer. With no additional information for me, or anyone else, to use to test and diagnose the problem. But, in reality it was Notepad that was actually having a problem. And I had completely explained that to in great detail. Along with what is necessary to minimize the problem, if not get rid of it completely. Even with my response to your second post about this issue. Again, with no information for me or anyone else to try to test and find out what is causing your problem. I still responded with information to try to help you. Obviously, you did not like that. Because you had started with accusing me of completely dismissing your report. And making statements that had nothing to do with your problem. And still claiming that you wanted help fix the problem. Yet you still refuse to help by giving me any information that I, or others, need to help test for any problems that there might be between AC Tool and what you have on your system. And yet despite all that, I continued to read through the source code with a fine tooth comb. Search for possible causes as to why individual programs my become unresponsive in Windows 10. And with what was shown in your second video. I even went and downloaded the emulator and the roms needed for the specific game shown in the video. Just so that I can do testing to actually see what is going on there. During that time, Ego attempted to help you. But even with him, you were borderline belligerent in your responses about his attempts to help you. Then when I responded to one of your posts last night. Not only was your reply to my post completely belligerent. But, you continued the claim that I was completely dismissing your report. Resorting to name calling, using degrading comments, and out right stating that anyone, including myself, was stupid and ignorant. What did you say? You even claim that if you ever go and create your own program that you will a best developer there is. Well, if you believe that is fine. And until you get out there and prove those claims by actually creating a program. Now, that this thread has run it's course of myself, and @Ego, trying to help you. And you not giving any information needed to find the actual cause of the problem. And yet still claiming that we are dismissing your report. This thread will be locked. But, will make it clear to you here in the open. Any future posts that you make here in the forums. Will only be for the expressed purpose of getting help with any macro/script that you are writing. Said new threads started by you will placed in the proper sub-forum for the script being made. And you will follow the rules of the sub-forums when you make that new thread. All information listed in those rules will be included in your request for help. You will find the rule for each sub-forum pinned to the top of each sub-forum. Any posts that you make that is not a request for help with the creation of a macro/script will be deleted. Any posts that you make is missing any of information, as outlined in the rules for the sub-forums, will be deleted. Finally, any post that you make that is belligerent, uses name calling, or degrading in any way will be deleted. And you will be given a warning. Once you have receive two warnings, there will not be a third. Your account will be locked and you will be banned.
  22. It is not repeating the p key, it is holding it down so only 1 p is shown. That's how I read the code, and what it displays for me. This code is on a normal os on a normal laptop, do you not read what is being typed? And as The Wabbit as typed, read his post, it explains your not freezing video. Too lazy to read it, fine I do not care anymore. Try another game that AcTools can be coded with, try the keydown then, you are focusing on notepad. (Which is glitchy with AcTools, as you were informed) Let us know the results and the code you use and what game. Then we might be able to help you in the right direction, ATM you are chasing your tail. (This is where I step out and go to read only mode to see if new code is shown in a game using keydown command)
  23. and 1 p is normal behavior? i imagine holding the keydown would produce more p's but if it doesn't then maybe that should be noted. yeah let's blame it on 4 separate computers with windows 10 experiencing the issue, it's not the program's fault, it's the computer. since one PC with a modded OS and several virtual machines is enough testing to disregard any other reports from users who show video of the bug
  24. Tried 13 seconds 1 p, all fine. It's your end. Sorry I cannot fix your computer. AcTools works as intended for me.
  25. yeah that's another thing about devs is their inability to recognize context clues. it's like u need to spell it out for them, they can figure out all this intricate stuff but incapable of basic simple stuff, u want me to wipe your ass for your too? figure it out instead of taking everything literal. if multiple people complain about freezing, whether it's the entire PC screen or partially such as the window, taskbar, or program then learn how some context clues but nope, i think most devs are prima donnas or autistic or something with their inability to grasp basic stuff. they also have a hard time understanding analogies. i bring up right clicking because it's common usage. same with the keydown function, whats the point of everything else working if the most important shit is malfunctioning? instead of investigating it you stay in denial and cough up a bunch of tech jargon to cover up your failures and flaws. fix yo shit. if i was to develop a program, i would be debugging and testing the hell out of it. especially if a flagship feature isn't working properly with numerous users. with you you'll dismiss something for 3 years because you're too inept to investigate it i aint about to read all that pointless crap you posted. less time arguing over stupid shit, and maybe u can get something done. i addressed the issue already, it's on you if u want to investigate it or not but i aint about to bicker back and forth over u over meaningless stupid shit thats why a lot of devs dont get shit done cuz they too busy thinking about dumb shit all day instead of doing the damn thing
  26. Okay, I am going to respond to your three posts in. But, I will not be able to do respond to all of them in just one post. So, please hold off on responding to my posts until I have finished responding to all of yours. That is where you are wrong. In order for any developer to test and diagnose a potential problem/bug with their program. They have to have all of the information they can get. This includes, but is not limited to: The version of the developer(s) program that is being used. The Operating System, including the Edition of that Operating System (if there is different editions). The Operating System's version. (This is not the number that may be apart of the Operating System's name.) What other programs are running. What programs, and services, are running in the background. Detailed instructions on how to reproduce the problem/bug. And in the case of programs like AC Tool. Then the developer needs the following information in addition to the above: The name of the game or program that the macro/script is for. If necessary: The name of any programs, and specific version of, that are being used to run the game or program. Game only: What keyboard setting needs to be made in the game, in order for the macro/script to work. Game only: If the game can be modded. Then the name of all the mods being used, along with links to where to get the specific mods. The FULL and COMPLETE macro/script that is being used. Even if that macro/script is still being created. Game only: The location within the game that the macro/script is used. Detailed description of what the macro/script is supposed to do. But, if the problem the user is having. Is getting their script to work the way they want with the game. Then the developer(s) typically only needs the following: The version of the developer(s) program that is being used. The Operating System, including the Edition of that Operating System (if there is different editions). The name of the game or program that the macro/script is for. If necessary: The name of any programs, and specific version of, that are being used to run the game or program. Game only: What keyboard setting needs to be made in the game, in order for the macro/script to work. Game only: If the game can be modded. Then the name of all the mods being used, along with links to where to get the specific mods. The FULL and COMPLETE macro/script that is being used. Even if that macro/script is still being created. Game only: The location within the game that the macro/script is used. Detailed description of what the macro/script is supposed to do. Detailed information of what the macro/script is actually doing. With information as to where in the macro/script the problem is. Now if the user does their own testing. And that test is done on multiple of other systems. Then the developer(s) need the same information for each system that the user did the testing on. And yes, it does matter that the developer(s) have this information. Because the developer(s) need this information to test and attempt to reproduce the problem. And hopefully diagnose what the actual problem is. Whether it is a problem with the program or some other program. For AC Tool, since the information is posted in the public forums. It the information is there for others to use to perform their own tests. To verify that they are, or are not, having the same problem. Believe me, Echo loves helping out in that regards. And he's not shy in telling me if he having a problem AC Tool. And he also let's me know whether or not he is having the same problem as that user may have reported. And he does so here in the forums. And all I got from you was a post with its title stating "Keydown causes my PC to freeze", two lines of code, a stated that you tried it on two computers, and a vid showing you using the code with Notepad. And that Notepad was becoming unresponsive. It can be, it just depends on what you are trying to do with the macro/script. What!? Why'd you mention this? No, I did not need to know. And I did not ask you about this. So, there was no need for you to state that I had to know this. As if I had pressured you to tell me. I am glad that you have attempted to use AC Tool for your gaming projects since Windows XP. I had started using AC Tool back with Windows 2000. Making macros/scripts for Earth & Beyond. I even did one of the very first macros for Maple Story. (It was very small and very simple. All it did move the character forward a fraction of a second, attack for a few seconds, then repeat. With every so many times of moving forward, it would pickup any drops items.) But, there isn't a day that I do not learn something new about AC Tool or how to use it with any particular game. Again, what game or program is not besides the point. And the KeyDown function is working properly. You originally stated that KeyDown is causing your PC to FREEZE. Your own video does not show that your PC was FROZEN. But instead, the program was that Notepad became Unresponsive for a about 8 seconds. The whole time you were moving your mouse around the desktop. Even when Notepad was unresponsive. And the letter 'p' appeared in Notepad right after it was no longer unresponsive. And the fact that you were able to go and create a vid show in its entirety the problem you are experiencing. Just shows that your PC did not Freeze. First, I did not dismiss your post about AC Tool causing your PC to Freeze. In fact, I read the three lines of text, that gave pretty much no information. I watch your vid 30 times to make sure of what I was seeing in the vid. I replied to your post. Told you what the problem actually was. I even explained it detail so that you would hopefully understand. (Just like I always do for those people that I have never seen make a post before. Or those that seem to not seem to have some form of programming knowledge. I have literally written books in a single post when responding to others.) And then based on my own tests, I had even giving you how you can possibly fix the problem. Then in you next post you state the following: Heck, I didn't know which version of AC Tool that you were using. It wasn't until your fourth post, in response to Ego, that you even mentioned. You stated that you had tried KeyRate and that you didn't get the results that you wanted. But, you didn't tell me how you used it. Or even showed any code with it being used. You even tell me that it didn't matter because you had come up with a work around. with the code for that work around and a vid showing the is supposed to be a macro causing your PC to freeze, which did not take place. As well as, showing the work around code doing something. Besides the fact that your PC did not freeze, which what you have stated KeyDown is causing. The vid that you have posted, for which I have now watch 23 times, shows that the KeyDown function is working. Not only do you see Naruto's hand move as he bounced the basketball once. (BTW, what happened to the basketball? I didn't see it.) And you can hear the basketball being bounced the one time. Then the game became unresponsive. And now my response to you statement about someone else reporting this problem. The post that you linked to, shows that the person stated that keydown {RIGHT} <-----lags my computer. You even misquoted them on it with your response to Ego. I have two things to say about it. The line they had shown had shown that they had used the command wrong. And I even mentioned that fact. They did not specifically state what they meant by "lags my computer." All attempt to get more information from the person in order to help them. Was met with zero information being given. This person reported that it was lagging their computer. That is not the same as what you have reported. You have report that it is causing your PC to Freeze. Even if I took their statement to mean that it is causing their computer to be slow, or be slower. That is still not the same as what you have reported. For which, since I knew that AC Tool, because of the use of KeyDown, was not causing your PC the Freeze. I focused on the fact that Notepad was becoming unresponsive. I went through and looked at the code for the KeyDown function. And I further looked at the rest of the code for all of the functions for sending keys to a program/game. And what I had found was that the actual code that sends the key presses to the game/program, had not changed. It is the same code used from when I was using it Windows 2000. I know that it worked fine in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7. (Hell, you even stated that it worked many years ago. Meaning that you did not have problems with the KeyDown until Windows 10.) And when I did have a system with Windows 10 (versions 19H01 and 20H01). I had no problems with running any macro/script that I had created, that used KeyDown, for the specific games that I play. Even though I do not have a system with Windows 10 on it. I borrow one from a close friend of mine for testing purposes. I do this when I need to test for problems/bugs. I then spent a couple of hours searching for reasons why programs were becoming unresponsive in Windows 10. But, since I had zero information that could help me to diagnose the major problem, or as you are so strongly suggesting is a Major Bug in AC Tool. I then responded to your post with tips as to how to hopefully solve the problem. Because everything that I have found. Shows that the main causes of programs becoming "Unresponsive" are: Drivers (for a lot of people it was drivers for Logitech wireless keyboards and mice.) programs, or services, running in the background Other programs, besides the above, that are running at the same time. Once in a while it was a hardware problem. (But, since you tested on multiple system. I pretty much ruled that one out.) The last two because the background programs and services and other programs running at the same. Can either interfere with other programs working properly. Or there might be a compatibility issue with said program or service. I had hoped that you would perform what I had suggested. And if you still had the problem, then I would have suggested two more ways to hopefully find out would was is possibly causing this. But, instead. Your response was to write this diatribe about how I am dismissing your report. Just, so that you are fully aware. Since my last post, I have been going over AC Tool's code for KeyDown, searching the Internet for possible causes for programs being unresponsive and possible ways to fix it. I even been looking into other possible ways of possible redoing that whole bit of code for sending keys to other programs/games. And yet, you state that I have been dismissive about this!
  27. did yours show multiple P's after it was held down for 3 sec? or did it just show 1 p. I tested your script and it doesn't freeze up on mine, however when i extend it longer it does. can you try setting it to 13 sec. Also mines show 1 p. I also tried the keydown script in a ps1 emu called duckstation and it froze up there even when it's only 3 seconds
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