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New Members Please Read


Any new Member that posts about ANYTHING that has nothing to do with ACTool's or the Scripting of ACTool's or is Not within the Forum Guidelines (Ex: Power Leveling, External Links for selling stuff, Game Gold and the like) their Account with loose the Ability to Post on these Forums.


Updated: 3/20/2011

This includes placing the External Links as part of your Signature. Please keep Signature's link free unless it's a game related character link, a personal web site (self Macro Storage) or a Windows Hotmail SkyDrive. We well check External Links, if it's not related to above we'll be removing the link and giving you a Infraction.


Usually first Infraction is 30 days Mod Preview of Postings. All depends on which mod catches the Infraction. :)


Updated: 5/12/2011

Script Kiddies:

Starting from this point forward, anybody that asks for (aka Demand) that a Bot be created for them with out them Trying/Supplying any of the Code for said Bot/Script/Code, well Lose the ability to Post (Instant-Ban).

We're happy to help you out if you TRY!


Ad Bot's:

First Offense: Indefinitely Mod Preview - Each Infraction is to be Considered a Double (e.g. 20%, 40% etc) Five posts and your Banned!!! Any known Bot that is currently at => 50% is about to get Banned.


Updated: 9/13/2013

Posting Links in your Profile's announcement area well get you flagged as a Spammer (Which is a instant Ban by the system).


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